Family Harmony – The Secret Behind Every Successful Entrepreneur

A headshot of Dana Weinberger and Ariel Cipoletta on a bold yellow background with the title of the episode "Family Harmony - The Secret Behind Every Successful Entrepreneur"

Today is a fascinating new podcast episode that may just change how your family relates to each other. Mike sat down with the dynamic mother-daughter duo of Dana Weinberger and Ariel Cipoletta. They have an amazing story of going from constant conflict to true harmony using the science-based tools they’ve developed. Dana was a high-powered…

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The Future of Education; What Everyone Needs To Know…

A headshot of Dan Sullivan on a bold yellow background, along with text reading "The Future of Education - What Everyone Needs to Know but Nobody's Talking About."

But Nobody’s Talking About! The latest episode of Capability Amplifier just dropped and it’s a doozy. (If you have kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews… you really need to check this one out.) In this jam-packed episode, Dan and Mike dove deep into discussions about the future of education and how learning really happens. As two…

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Dogs, Sex and Ai… OH MY! (PART TWO…)

Headshot of Mike Koenigs on a bold yellow background, along with text reading "Dogs, Sex and Ai, OH MY! (Part Two)"

Are you ready for Part Two of “Dogs, Sex and Ai… OH MY!?” There was such an incredible response to last week’s Part One episode… you’re going to LOVE the conclusion. As you know, Dan is the founder of Strategic Coach and has coached over 100,000 entrepreneurs. He’s one of the wisest, most forward-thinking people…

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Dogs, Sex and Ai… OH MY!

Headshots of Mike Koenigs and Dan Sullivan on a bold yellow background, along with text reading "Dogs, Sex and Ai, OH MY!"

Part One. Stay Tuned Next Week For Part Two! Are you ready for one of the most fascinating and enlightening conversations that Dan and Mike have ever had? Buckle up for this week’s podcast episode, “Dogs, Sex and Ai… OH MY!” Dan and Mike talk about everything from teenage sex to dog psychology to technology…

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Wealth Longevity International: Early Disease Detection, 3 Longevity Secrets and 5 Wealth Creation Tips in One Place

A headshot of Mike Koenigs on a bold yellow background, along with text reading "Wealth Longevity International: Early Disease Detection, 3 Longevity Secrets and 5 Wealth Creation Tips in One Place"

Today, Mike has a special treat for you! It’s one of the most riveting, soul-searching, and transformative episodes of Capability Amplifier yet. Why should you listen… NOW? Because today, Mike is talking to the entire founding group of Wealth Longevity International. As founders and entrepreneurs, we sometimes hit that point where we look ahead and…

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The Secret Power of Intent-Based Searches with Chuck Boyce

A headshot of Chuck Boyce on a bold yellow background, along with text reading "The Secret Power of Intent-Based Searches."

Mike is ALWAYS on the lookout for innovative strategies that will supercharge his business. He’s found such a strategy and today he’s going to share it with you. (Get ready to take notes… you’ll thank him later.) In this episode, Mike sat down with his friend, Chuck Boyce—a super great guy he’s had the pleasure…

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Mike’s Got A Big One… (On The Line)

Episode 147 Art: Text reading "Mike's Got A Big One (On the Line)" on a yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs and Dan Sullivan.

It feels like the whole world has been on a rollercoaster ride lately, doesn’t it? It’s about to get even more exciting in Mike’s opinion… We’re entering a new realm of this Ai world that’s changing the game for innovative, ambitious individuals and businesses across the globe. If you’ve been with Mike for a long…

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Get a Free Day Back Every Week with WD Wealth’s Tax Strategies

A headshot of Mike Koenigs on a bold yellow background, along with text reading "Get A Free Day Back Every Week With WD Wealth's Tax Strategies"

Are you ready for an episode that’s going to completely flip your financial world on its head? We’re about to shake up your wealth game in a MASSIVE way! In this week’s episode of Capability Amplifier, Mike interviews a master of money management, Michael Enyart from WD Wealth Strategies. Today they’re sharing some of their…

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Living in the Age of Rage: Three Rules for Keeping Your Cool

A headshot of Dan Sullivan on a bold yellow background, along with text reading "Living in the Age of Rage: Three Rules for Keeping Your Cool"

Today’s episode might be a little controversial, but Mike really believes it’s a necessary conversation. They’re diving into the mind of the inimitable Dan Sullivan, and his new book, “Geometry for Staying Cool and Calm.” It’s not just a book about remaining unruffled when the going gets tough; it’s a powerful exploration of the fragile…

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Disaster-Proof Tunnels and Buildings: The World’s #1 GeoForming Expert

A headshot of Kayhan Zirhlioglu on a bold yellow background, along with text reading "Disaster-Proof Tunnels and Buildings - Kayhan Zirhlioglu - The World's #1 Geoforming Expert."

Mike is super excited to share their latest podcast episode, featuring an extraordinary individual whose ground-breaking work is reshaping the understanding of disasters prevention. Meet Kayhan Zirhlioglu, the trailblazing owner of Geoform Systems. His knowledge and experience in this complex and vital field are staggering, and the insights he shares in this episode shouldn’t be…

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AI Agents Will Soon Run Your Business and a Visit with Norman Lear

A headshot of Mike Koenigs on a bold yellow background, along with text reading "AI Agents Will Soon Run Your Business - and a Visit With Norman Lear."

Hey there, Future Enthusiasts! 🌟 Ready for another thrilling journey into the cutting-edge world of AI? Take a seat, because in today’s episode, Mike and Dan are diving deep into the transformative power of Agent GPT – a self-modifying, semi-intelligent marvel that’s turning heads and shaping industries. They’ll explore how this groundbreaking technology is changing…

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Introducing the Wealth Longevity Institute: Free Zone Collaboration

A photo of Mike Koenigs along with Regan Archibald on a bold yellow background, along with text reading "Wealth Longevity Institute - Free Zone Collaboration."

I’d like to partner and collaborate with you and here’s how. My longevity doctor, Regan Archibald and I created “Wealth Longevity Institute.” It’s a “Free Zone Collaboration” where two or more founders find a way to create a non-competitive business partnership that creates 10x value and income for both of them. You keep yours, I…

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Fixing Broken Hearts to Prevent Broken Hearts

A photo of Dr. Tim Nelson on a bold yellow background, along with text reading "Fixing Broken Hearts to Prevent Broken Hearts."

Are you ready to dive into a world where science fiction is becoming a reality? Today’s episode features Dr. Tim Nelson, Ph.D., founder of HeartWorks, in partnership with the Mayo Clinic. Mike is exploring the incredible work Dr. Nelson and his team are doing to help save the lives of children with congenital heart disease…

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Capitalism – And Everything Else

Episode 139 Art: Text reading "Capitalism - And Everything Else" on a bold yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs and Dan Sullivan.

Dan Sullivan’s NEW Book Mike is really excited to tell you about Dan Sullivan’s latest book. Dan just finished wrapping it up a few weeks ago, so it hasn’t been released yet… It’s all about Capitalism (and Everything Else) and Mike’s gotta say, it has some real eye-opening stuff inside. Dan breaks down the “five…

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How To Boost Your Bottom Line Through Employee Empowerment

A photo of Bryan Howard on a bold yellow background, along with text reading "How to Boost Your Bottom Line Through Employee Empowerment."

Why Putting Your People First Matters If you’re a business owner, then you know that happy employees = happy customers (and a happy owner/stockholders!) Mike’s guest on the podcast today is a fellow tech nerd, Bryan Howard, of Mercury Performance Group, and he believes that everything in a company revolves around its people. He says…

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Coming Up For Air With Nick Sonnenberg

A photo of Nick Sonnenberg on a bold yellow background, along with text reading "Coming Up For Air with Nick Sonnenberg - How teams can leverage systems and tools to stop drowning in work."

How Teams Can Leverage Systems + Tools to Stop Drowning in Work Do you ever feel like you’re DROWNING in work with no light at the end of the tunnel? Like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done without losing your mind? Then you’re going to love Mike’s guest…

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The Secret to Uncovering Your 10 Unique Differentiators

Dan Sullivan is not only a mentor and good friend, but he’s also the wisest man Mike knows. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’d be wise to soak up as much of his knowledge as you possibly can. Today, they’re talking about a new thinking tool that Dan has come up with called “10 Unique Differentiators.”…

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AI and Our 2023 Predictions

Episode 135 Art: Text reading "AI and Our 2023 Predictions" on a yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs and Dan Sullivan.

Get On Board Now or Be Left in The Dust… You’re in for a HUGE treat today as we dive into the world of AI and BIG predictions for the upcoming year. In today’s episode, Dan and Mike are talking about their own personal experience using various AI tools, as well as the five P’s…

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How To Unlock More Freedom and Flexibility With the One-Day Workweek

A photo of Tom Lambotte on a bold yellow background, along with text reading "How to Unlock More Freedom and Flexibility with the One-Day Workweek."

Today’s episode features Tom Lambotte, who created The One-Day Workweek. Yup, you heard correctly… Tom spends only one day a week managing each of his two companies! You might be thinking, how is this even possible? But Tom has figured out the secret to creating a self-managing, self-running business that allowed him to take 150…

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How to Create a Mainstream Miracle Movement with Hal Elrod

A photo of Hal Elrod on a bold yellow background, along with text reading "How to Create a Mainstream Miracle Movement with Hal Elrod."

Creator of The Miracle Morning Are you ready to learn the secrets behind creating a mainstream miracle movement? Mike’s good friend, Hal Elrod, is sharing his journey with you on this week’s episode of the podcast. Hal has sold nearly 4 million copies of his book, “The Miracle Morning,” and his coursework is being used…

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The Evolution of the Blue Ocean Strategy in the Digital Age

Episode 132 Art: Text reading "The Evolution of the Blue Ocean Strategy in the Digital Age" on a yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs and Dan Sullivan.

You’ve heard of the “Blue Ocean Strategy,” right? Well, in today’s episode, they’re talking about the Dan Sullivan / Mike Koenigs Blue Ocean Strategy. In a nutshell, it’s the thinking that’s preventing you from seeing massive entrepreneurial opportunities. Mike interviewed Dan and came up with 14 key ideas and concepts to create a Blue Ocean…

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The Power of Intentionality to 10X Your Marketing Results

Episode 131 Art: Text reading "The Power of Intentionality to 10x Your Marketing Results" on a yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs and Dan Sullivan.

Are you tired of feeling like a fish out of water when it comes to understanding the latest technology in marketing? Don’t worry, Dan and Mike are here for you. In today’s episode, they’re diving into the world of intentionality and exploring how it can be used to make your marketing efforts more targeted and…

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The Art of Slow Thinking with Derek Sivers

A photo of Derek Sivers on a bold yellow background, along with text reading "The Art of Slow Thinking with Derek Sivers."

From CD Baby to TED Talks You’re in for a real treat today… Mike sat down with the one and only, Derek Sivers, and it was SO good! Not only has Derek been a musician, producer, circus performer, entrepreneur, TED speaker and book publisher, but he’s also a self-described “slow thinker” which is one of…

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How to Fly $30,000 First Class for $4,000

A photo of Matt Bennett on a bold yellow background, along with text reading "How to Fly $30,000 First Class for $4000"

Want To Travel More and Save Money? Listen To The Podcast. What if you could travel more and save TONS OF MONEY? ( We’re talking THOUSANDS of dollars…) Today’s episode starts off with great advice – never pay retail prices! Or at least, Matt Bennett never pays retail. As owner and founder of, Matt…

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How ChatGPT3, AI Changed The World Overnight

Episode 128 Art: Text reading "How ChatGPT3 AI Changed the World Overnight" on a yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs and Dan Sullivan.

10X Your Productivity Have you heard about the brand new Ai, ChatGPT3? Because Mike is officially OBSESSED! In today’s episode, Dan and Mike are talking about the new, revolutionary AI tool, ChatGPT3, and its potential impact on content creation and communication. In fact, Mike created an entire brand and website in one day using ChatGPT3…

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Why the US Economy Is Going WARP DRIVE

Episode 126 Art: Text reading "Why the US Economy is Going WARP DRIVE!" on a yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs and Dan Sullivan.

We Are On The Verge of A Massive BOOM! Being an American has certainly always had its advantages… But at this point in history, you should consider yourself LUCKY to be an American citizen. In today’s episode, Dan and Mike will explain exactly why. Dan is a HUGE History Buff/Expert and he says, “He’s never…

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Will AI Replace Humans? (Part 2)

Episode 125 Art: Text reading "Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans? Part 2" on a yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs and Dan Sullivan.

Is your industry, job, or skill set next? Welcome to Part 2 of “Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans?” Today, Dan and Mike will wrap up this 2-part podcast by uncovering a few key principles that all entrepreneurs need to know in order to survive what’s inevitably coming. If there’s one thing they know, it’s that…

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Will AI Replace Humans? (Part 1)

Episode 124 Art: Text reading "Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans?" on a yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs and Dan Sullivan.

The Evolution of Human Labor Fasten your seatbelt because you’re in for a wild ride! In today’s episode, Dan and Mike started off talking about AI and the evolution of human labor, but that quickly evolved into a conversation about being able to spend all of your time in your own, “Amplified State.” Or as…

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5 Scary Ways AI is Changing Reality

Episode 123 Art: Text reading "5 Scary Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing Reality" on a yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs and Dan Sullivan.

Do you remember where you were on June 29, 2007? The day that Steve Jobs walked onto a stage, revealed the world’s very first iPhone, and said: “It’s a phone. It’s a personal communication device and a music player!” A day that will surely go down in history, but here’s the most extraordinary part… If…

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The Game is Changing… Are YOU?

Episode 121 Art: Text reading "The Game Is Changing...Are You? The Six D's Standoff" on a yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs and Dan Sullivan.

What the Next 30-40 Years Look Like How old are you? Seriously… If you’ve been around long enough, you can easily recognize that 30-40 years ago was a much different time than it is now, right? Which usually follows the cliche statement: “Time flies…” Yeah, no kidding. And with the way the world is evolving…

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Milk Your Data. Multiply Your Value.

Episode 120 Art: Text reading "CHUCK BOYCE Milk Your Data, Multiply Your Value" on a yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs, Dan Sullivan and Chuck Boyce.

Pull Massive Amounts of Value, Wealth, and Longevity Using Your Data Most entrepreneurs continue to postpone or prevent massive growth in their business and undermine its potential value because they tunnel vision on the wrong things: MORE Profit MORE Topline revenue MORE customers They’re so fixated on the small metrics and continue to pound them…

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The Dream Architect: How To Build A Life Of No Regrets

Episode 119 Art: Text reading "BRYAN SWEET + BRITTANY ANDERSON How to build a life of no regrets" on a yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs, Dan Sullivan, Bryan Sweet and Brittany Anderson.

You’ve come this far… Now what? Success is no longer a stranger to you… In fact, it’s probably a regular part of your life and business by now, right? If that’s the case, chances are you’ve probably accumulated substantial wealth over the years too… You’ve turned the odds against you to your favor, creating a…

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The Four Keys to Getting EVERYTHING You Want

Episode 118 Art: Text reading "APRIL JONES The Four Keys to Getting Everything You Want" on a yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs, Dan Sullivan and April Jones

It’s way easier than you think… Look, Mike gets it… You’re busy. You bust your butt every single day, trying to get everything done… But when you’re crawling into bed, before your head hits the pillow, and you’re reflecting on your day, do you find yourself asking the same things over and over? “I’m working…

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Happy Marriage, Happy Business…

Episode 117 Art: Text reading "DINO WATT Happy Marriage, Happy Business... It All Starts at the C.O.R.E." on a yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs, Dan Sullivan and Dino Watt

It all starts at the C.O.R.E. Originally, Mike was going to title this episode: “Not enough sex and Sex all of the time” and here’s why… You’ll get a real kick out of this one… Your spouse may laugh even harder. Just wait ‘til you see this clip. (03:01) Has your marriage turned “old?” Not…

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How to Create a Sales Referral Party with Charles Byrd

Episode 116 Art: Text reading "Creating a Sales REFERRAL PARTY" on a yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs, Dan Sullivan and a book cover with the word "Referral Party"

The fastest/easiest way to grow your business… Most business owners/ entrepreneurs are sitting on GOLD and they don’t even know it… They work tirelessly, focusing on too many components of their business all at once, hoping that by “doing it all” somehow, all of their hard work will magically boost their business: “We need to…

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Dan Sullivan’s Biggest Mistakes

Headshot image of Mike Koenigs on a yellow background with a text overlay reading "Dan Sullivan's Biggest Mistakes" as art for The Capability Amplifier Podcast Episode 115"

Today’s episode comes at the request of Mike and Dan’s friend and colleague, Darren Hardy. Darren is a great entrepreneurial pioneer and every now and again Mike has the good fortune of going out for long walks with him. (He wrote the books, “The Compound Effect” and “The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster,” and for years, he…

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Creative Compression

Headshot image of Dan Sullivan on a yellow background with a text overlay reading "Creative Compression - The Top 10 Creative Blockers and How to Solve Them"

The Top 10 Creative Blockers and How To Solve Them Today, Dan and Mike started to talk about The Top 10 Creative Blockers and How to Solve Them. But after really digging in, they came up with an idea called CREATIVE COMPRESSION which is, “how do you solve virtually any creative problem and get more…

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How to Achieve Infinite Time & Money Freedom

Episode 113 Art: Text reading "Eric Francom How to Achieve Infinite Time and Money Freedom" on a yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs, Dan Sullivan and Eric Francom

What does infinite freedom mean to you? For a lot of founders, it means selling their business and investing in passive income opportunities to achieve unlimited financial and time freedom. Mike knows that’s what motivates him… because why own a business if it doesn’t allow you freedom? Mike’s special guest today is The Cash Flow…

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How To Know When You Need a WHO That Isn’t YOU

Headshot image of Mike Koenigs on a yellow background with a text overlay reading "How to Know When You Need a Who That Isn't You"

SO many entrepreneurs really struggle with this same problem, over and over again. How Do You Know When You Need a Who That Isn’t You? That’s the primary question Dan and Mike are going to answer in this episode. It’s all about really understanding what your upper limits or superpowers are, knowing when you’re holding…

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3 Ways the Wealthiest Do Deals and Investments

Episode 111 Art: Text reading "3 Ways the Wealthiest Do Deals and Investments" on a yellow background with photos of Mike Koenigs, Dan Sullivan and Tom Burns

Are You Ready to Create Infinite Leverage? Today, Mike has an extraordinary guest. His name is Tom Burns. Mike met Tom through an investment fund—one of the most brilliant deals he’s ever been involved with. What’s the #1 secret the wealthiest people know? It’s not obvious, but it enables anyone to create infinite leverage with…

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Top 10 Capabilities + Mindsets of Successful Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Capabilities + Mindsets of Successful Entrepreneurs

Today, Dan and Mike create “The Top 10 Capabilities and Mindsets of a Successful Entrepreneur” — ON THE FLY. These are things that EVERY entrepreneur should have or develop. For over 40 years, Dan has coached many successful “Strategic Coach” members, thus developing a huge library of tools, and he’s noticed that there are certain…

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Being the Exponential Entrepreneur

Today you’re going to be given a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity. Something Mike has never done before and won’t be doing again anytime soon. Mike is talking with the one and only, Jay Abraham. Over the course of his career, Jay has had access to over a thousand industries, 7,000 sub industries and generated…

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The Simple, 4 Minute Body Scan That Could Save Your Life

Have you ever lost someone you loved from a disease or illness? What would you give to have been able to detect or prevent it? According to the CDC, heart disease, cancer, and strokes killed 1,666,780 people in 2021 alone. If you or someone you love is over 40, there’s a 65% chance that one…

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When and How to Exit Your Business Gracefully

If you are a founder and your dream has always been to sell your business and walk away with a big check, keep reading. Mike has sold five businesses, and his friend and client for ten years, Joey Osborne, just had a successful exit a few months ago. After being acquired by a private equity…

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How to Be Relatable and Build Trust

Money loves speed and time kills deals. The more likable you and your brand is… …the faster you connect, built rapport, earn trust… …the faster the deals close. The fastest way to build a strong connection is through shared experiences and storytelling. A KEY ingredient of your storytelling is AUTHENTICITY. Being your genuine self and…

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Three Ways To Heal Your Body With Energy

As an entrepreneur, CEO or founder, you are prone to inevitable stress. When you’re stressed, it shows up in your body in all types of crazy ways AND it affects your energy and overall well being. Imagine…Waking up EVERY DAY feeling your absolute best. Completely invigorated, relaxed, and ready to take on anything the world…

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How To Create and Launch a New Business in 3 Days

Have you had a profitable exit from your successful business and in the back of your head you’re thinking, “Was this a fluke?” “Was I just lucky?” “Could I ever do it again?” Maybe you’ve still got lots of energy and aren’t quite ready to sit on a beach sipping Mai Tai’s full-time? Maybe you’ve…

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The Founder Exit Business Model

This is for you if you want to start, scale and exit your business and walk away with freedom of time, money, relationship and purpose, plus reinvent yourself in the process. One of the things Mike has noticed in meeting with thousands of founders over the years is they get to a point in their…

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How to Fire Yourself First

If you’re reading this email, chances are you have the same dream just about every entrepreneur has… To have financial freedom and a freedom lifestyle. Mike thinks EVERY business owner also wants a self-managing company that can scale to whatever level you dream of that’s both lifestyle compatible and saleable someday. It’d also be nice…

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3 Secrets to Perfect Mastermind Experiences

If someone asked me “what’s the fastest way to double my income?” The answer is simple. Masterminds. There’s ONE thing that’s contributed to Mike generating over $60,000,000 over the course of his professional career and helping his clients earn hundreds of millions – possibly billions of dollars. Masterminds. If you want to build relationships with…

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Dan Sullivan’s The Gap and The Gain

Do you beat yourself up because you’re not enough? You don’t feel successful enough, rich enough or get enough done? This episode is the formula to stay positive ALL the time and get other people enrolled in a positive moving future as well. This is a 27 year old concept, and one of the most…

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How to Book a Meeting With Elon Musk and Tim Cook

Years ago, a mentor described one of Mike’s friends as “the guy who can get the pope on the phone.” What he meant by that is he knew how to cold call, network, and wiggle his way into any circumstance. He was a “super connector” with no fear and sold millions of any product he…

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Discover Your WHY in Less Than 5 Minutes

 What’s the best way to make friends, influence people, be the life of the party and a master communicator? I think being a magician, a mind reader or maybe even a psychic! You’d be endlessly entertaining, engaging AND an expert persuader. Now think about it from a business perspective… If you were looking for…

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Doing The Impossible in Impossible Times

If you’ve ever wanted to answer the nagging question we’ve ALL asked ourselves; “What do I really want to DO with my life?!” You’re going to LOVE this special guest, Charlie Epstein, the creator of Yield of Dreams. His story is going to help answer that question for you and get the cobwebs out of…

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How to Amplify Your Capabilities Like Elon Musk

The most valuable companies in the world are built on top of platforms. In 2020, the Apple App Store grossed over $72.3 billion, and Amazon Web Services produced 45.3 billion. Peter Drucker famously said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” and people like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk have proven…

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Strategic Stumbling and Shortcuts

What if there were other humans out there that could be amazing SHORTCUTS and help you solve any imaginable problem in your business? What if collaborating with smart, like-minded individuals resulted in something so magical that multi-million (or billion) dollar opportunities were possible? Imagine being able to do all of this while experiencing unforgettable food,…

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Creating Purpose for Other People

Think for a moment about the great WHO’S that you need in your life as an entrepreneur. If you know what you’re doing, you can give those WHO’S great purpose. There are a lot of amazing WHO’S out there with incredible talents that aren’t unable to find their purpose or a use for their skills.…

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Achieving Greater Purpose

 What if you could take your BIG ideas and turn them into something magical, profitable and fun? Where are you leaving millions of dollars on the table? What kind of creative collaborations could get you there? WHO are missing in your network or business to make all these dreams come true? The ability to…

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Connect with Your Ideal Clients NOW!

Every business owner is looking for more leads, better relationships and better follow up. Mike’s guest, Charles Byrd is going to share some of his best strategies to do just that, including: How to connect with your ideal clients. How to connect with your ideal partners. How to get free leads. They’ll show you how…

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Vision Delivery

One of the biggest things that entrepreneurs and founders struggle with is VISION DELIVERY. You have a big idea that you can see from start to finish but when you go to your teams, you get bogged down because there’s a fact finder that asks you so many questions you get lost. You realize that…

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Dave Asprey Tours Mike’s Video Studio

A lot of successful entrepreneurs today either have their own podcast or appear regularly on others. In fact, podcasting is one of THE most powerful tools to build an audience of raving fans. Mike would even say it’s a necessary tool if you want to grow a business empire and platform that pays you for…

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Favorite Historical Figures

You know what they say — “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” It’s very important to know where things came from and who created them. Today Mike and Dan going to go back in history because this is one of Dan’s very favorite topics. Mike is going to ask…

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A Hero Mindset and Scorecards

Imagine being able to attract a perfect, right fit client (what we call a “hero”) into your business. How do you communicate to get anyone who’s around you, whether it’s an employee, a friend, or a spouse to get on the same page in the shortest period of time? Today you’ll learn one of Dan…

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David Horsager; The Most Researched Expert on Trust

What is the best way to drive results in all areas of your life? Do you struggle with your employees, clients, marketing or your net promoter score? Maybe you’re struggling with your marriage, or your relationship with your kids? There is a KEY CHALLENGE that you have and it’s one simple word… TRUST. The question…

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Presentism; Understanding History

What is “Presentism?” It’s defined as: uncritical adherence to present-day attitudes, especially the tendency to interpret past events in terms of modern values and concepts. Let’s put it in terms that might be easier to understand in 2021. Today there is a general lack of understanding of history and geography. Generation Z has been raised…

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Everything You Need to Know About NFT’s and Cryptocurrency

Has your news feed been bombarded with articles about NFTs over the last few weeks and months? Did you know that one NFT just sold for $69 million dollars at the world famous Christie’s Auction House? Wondering what the hell NFTs are and why everyone seems to be obsessed with them? No worries… we’ve got…

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How to Add an Extra 5-10 Quality Years to Your Life

 According to the Alzheimer’s Association, more than 5 Million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s and by 2050 that number is projected to rise to nearly 14 Million. It’s the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. 1 in 3 seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or Dementia and it kills more than Breast Cancer…

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Think About Your Thinking to Achieve Financial Freedom

Are you clueless about financial planning? Do you have a 401k, sitting there, wondering what it’s doing? Do you even know what it’s supposed to be doing for your future? Are you still under the impression that you shouldn’t touch your 401k until it’s time to retire? Do you think you’ll have no money to…

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10 Post Pandemic Opportunities to Grow Your Business in 2021

What are the TOP 10 Opportunities hidden in plain sight or available right now to grow and scale your business now EVEN IF you were affected by the pandemic? That’s what this episode is all about, along with the latest trends, gadgets and investments to focus on to take advantage of the current climate and…

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The “Talent Stack” Strategy

Admittedly the last 8 months have been rough on most of the world. Who could have imagined we’d be here, in a real-life pandemic? It’s straight out of a sci-fi movie. We’ve been dealing with restrictions, lockdowns, isolation, and businesses closing, evolving, and changing on a dime. It hasn’t been easy… But believe it or…

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How To Be Unforgettable and Get the Most Profitable Clients

How do you get access to the unreachable? How do you become unforgettable? That’s the focus of this episode of Capability Amplifier. 15 years ago, Mike Koenigs called a good friend who was buying three people $12,000 Rolex watches and thought he was crazy. “Why?” He asked! Keep reading or start listening… You know that…

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Rewind: Sheri Salata- Meet Oprah’s Producer of 20+ Years

Sheri Salata grew up outside of Chicago and worked with the daytime television titan for more than 20 years with one of the most heralded jobs on the planet as the executive producer of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” In this episode, Sheri gives us some AMAZING takeaways from her tenure working with Oprah.

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Rewind: Amplify Yourself

In the very first episode that started it all, Dan Sullivan and Mike Koenigs set out to help you expand your business and your personal life, and provide helpful tips, ideas, and strategies with examples to get you there.

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Making Dreams Come True

What business are you in? What do people call you? How do you introduce yourself? How many competitors do you have? If you don’t have competitors, you’re what I call a “Category of One” brand.

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Meet Deepak Chopra’s Publicist Of 15 Years And The Queen Of Reinvention

There is no denying it. We are living in a world where we are inundated all day long with horrific news of the global pandemic and economic crash, and it’s unclear when it will end or how quickly we will recover. Needless to say, we are all navigating some pretty overwhelming emotions, so in light of the current situation, I wanted to send you a ray of sunshine, POSSIBILITY, and HOPE.

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