Connect with Your Ideal Clients NOW!

July 23, 2021

Episode 85


Every business owner is looking for more leads, better relationships and better follow up.

Mike's guest, Charles Byrd is going to share some of his best strategies to do just that, including:

  • How to connect with your ideal clients.
  • How to connect with your ideal partners.
  • How to get free leads.

They'll show you how to WOW your ideal clients and how to follow up systematically to close more deals.


Charles worked in the Silicon Valley for 15 years as the director of a billion dollar software company but he wanted to taste entrepreneurial freedom.

He decided to make the move, created a low-ticket productivity course and got very good at marketing with joint ventures.

People wanted to know how he booked 2-6 joint venture promotions per week so he started putting on events, workshops and consulting, based on connecting, building long-term relationships, providing value first, then turning every one of those opportunities into two or three more.

When you're continually providing VALUE FIRST with the people you're interacting with, that value comes back many times over.

Don’t risk wasting any more time on the wrong clients.

Don’t keep trying the same old, worn out methods.

Think of this episode as a jumpstart for your business, like you’re getting to “cut the line” to success.

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