6 Ways Trauma Rewires Your Nervous System and Alters Your Biology

February 26, 2024

Episode 168


Welcome to another EPIC new episode of Capability Amplifier with world-renowned trauma expert, Dr. Aimie Apigian that Mike thinks you are going to LOVE.

You'll discover the true underlying cause of many chronic health challenges like fatigue, pain, anxiety, autoimmunity and much more.

Dr. Aimie blew Mike's mind sharing the science of how past overwhelm and traumatic experiences literally reprogram our nervous system and change our physiology – leading to the symptoms and diagnoses that plague so many today.

She shared incredible stories of people completely reversing autoimmune diseases, ending lifelong chronic pain, restoring relationships, and totally transforming their health just by healing past trauma they've stored in their bodies and nervous systems.

The good news is she has developed a step-by-step process to unlock and rewrite this old trauma programming. Mike tried one of her somatic healing techniques on the show and it was really powerful!

She is brilliant, captivating and caring — the perfect guide for any trauma-healing journey.

So if you or anyone you know struggles with chronic health issues, pain, fatigue, anxiety, addiction or relationship problems, this episode will truly open your eyes to the incredible healing power that lies within.

Mike genuinely believes EVERYONE can benefit from learning this material — not only for physical healing, but for empowerment, joy and unleashing your full human potential.

Key Takeaways

  • (00:00) Scientifically decreasing depression and anxiety, increasing safety.
  • (05:59) Successful individuals carry hidden trauma affecting energy.
  • (11:41) Nervous system assesses danger, activates stress response.
  • (19:45) Recognizing and managing body trauma and response.
  • (24:46) Reframing trauma response leads to career change.
  • (28:38) Slowly push the heavy boulder with energy.
  • (34:29) Struggle with burnout, cancer led to trauma work.
  • (42:04) Desire for response, support, understanding, love expressed.
  • (47:13) Finding truth and healing through personal journeys.
  • (48:10) Empathy and experience help guide others' journeys.
  • (56:23) Creating a safe community through present moment sharing.
  • (01:04:35) Adaptation to early life shapes trauma response.
  • (01:05:58) Embrace anxiety and manage stress for growth.
  • (01:12:51) Rapid state change key to improving health.

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