Beat Inflation: 4 Inflation-Proof Investing Strategies Millionaires Are Using Right Now

March 11, 2024

Episode 170


Mike has an absolute barn burner of an episode for you today. This one is so stinkin’ valuable that he can guarantee it’ll light a fire under you.

He sat down with Darin Davis, who's one of the savviest real estate investors Mike knows. Darin has survived multiple boom and bust cycles while consistently banking profits – all while guiding investors to safety and passive income.

In this episode, Darin reveals a special real estate play that is perfectly positioned for today's market conditions. It's called “preferred equity” and it could be your golden ticket over the next 2-3 years:

✅ Passive income with quarterly payments
✅ Superior security to common equity investments
✅ Potential to acquire properties at steep discounts
✅ Ideal for newbies and experienced investors alike

Darin explains it all in a way that only he can – complete with visceral metaphors, straight talk, and tons of wisdom from decades in the trenches.

Make sure you listen to the end because Darin put together some special resources to help you get educated on preferred equity. He delivered in a big way with guides, videos, webinars, and more.

Stop sitting on the sidelines wishing you had a piece of the real estate pie. This is your chance to get some skin in the game with way less risk than most plays out there.

Listen to the full episode—then hook yourself up with Darin's free resources while you're at it and get ready to have your mind blown!

Key Takeaways

  • (00:00) Market offers clear opportunities with preferred equity.
  • (06:05) Investment structure provides secure financial returns.
  • (09:46) Leasing started, offers opportunity in private equity.
  • (13:45) Gain insight into assets, acquire at discount.
  • (17:24) Investing in Texas offers security, assets, comfort.
  • (20:42) Evaluate sponsor, vet track record, check references.
  • (21:56) Newbies, invest, learn, ask, and understand commercial real estate.
  • (27:55) Tax benefits, safety, principles and cycles.
  • (28:40) Reflect on mistakes, learn, and seek wisdom.
  • (33:24) Risk-taking personality, learned through hands-on experience.
  • (38:29) VC investments can be risky; slow, steady approach.
  • (40:48) Endorsement for Darren as a valuable mentor.
  • (44:05) Be aware of shifting financial trends and risks.
  • (46:52) Equity options, diversify, prepare for market changes.
  • (50:42) Emotions and communication are crucial for investment success.
  • (53:16) Real estate market will thrive by 2027.

Additional Resources

  • Get all of Darin’s resources here: including his Webinar, Private Equity 101, Executive Summary of Deals and Q+A
  • Try out my new Ai tech platform: ​​

If you’re ready to grow your business in just 90 days, book a call with Mike's team:


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