3 Steps To Achieving Optimal Health and Performance At ANY Age

April 29, 2024

Episode 174


If you care at all about your health and longevity, drop whatever you're doing and listen to today’s podcast with Mike's good friend Regan Archibald.

It's a mind-expanding ride into the latest breakthroughs for dramatic life extension and age reversal that you do NOT want to miss.

Imagine doubling your energy levels, increasing your sleep quality by 80%, packing on 5+ pounds of lean muscle mass and losing 30 lbs of stubborn fat in under 6 months…

That's just the average results Regan's clients achieve after following his protocols.

Today he pulls back the curtain on the cutting-edge treatments and at-home regimens responsible for these astonishing transformations.

You'll hear incredible stories of people in their 60s, 70s and beyond reclaiming the physical vitality and mental clarity of their youth. Mike's 91-year-old mother-in-law lost 35 lbs and went from shuffling with a walker to traveling internationally with ease.

Regan reveals the new frontiers of longevity science, like the cord plasma treatment that spurred an average 93% boost in wellbeing for his clients. He's cracked the code to rapidly increase deep sleep, eliminate inflammation, and activate full-body stem cell regeneration – all from the comfort of your home.

This episode is a tour of the future of personalized medicine. You'll learn why 94 biomarkers provide a crystal ball into your health, how to find your unfair advantage against aging and become the unapologetic owner of your mind and body.

If you're ready to go all-in on your personal evolution and radically upgrade your human experience, then hit play NOW.

Key Takeaways:

  • (00:00) Latest breakthroughs in longevity and health optimization.
  • (06:32) Promoting a better lifestyle for long, healthy lives.
  • (11:42) Brain inflammation led to improved focus and memory.
  • (15:20) The importance of comprehensive blood work.
  • (19:52) Clients share health transformation..
  • (23:21) Skepticism about government intervention in health choices.
  • (27:46) Protein structures in plasma help regenerate the body.
  • (31:54) Plasmapheresis and cord plasma activate stem cells.
  • (36:47) Safe and simple treatment for aging challenges.
  • (39:08) Educational insights from analyzing blood reports.
  • (44:10) Personalized medical approach, unique success stories shared.
  • (48:21) Regan talks about hosting fun longevity retreats.

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