The Dream Architect: How To Build A Life Of No Regrets

October 1, 2022

Episode 119


You’ve come this far… Now what?

Success is no longer a stranger to you… In fact, it’s probably a regular part of your life and business by now, right?

If that’s the case, chances are you’ve probably accumulated substantial wealth over the years too…

You’ve turned the odds against you to your favor, creating a life of abundance for yourself and your loved ones.

But what now?

You’ve reached a certain status and level of success, but…

What about your legacy?… What do you wish to leave behind when it’s all said and done?

Either the years of your hard work of building success and wealth created a life of true fulfillment for you.


You just might still be stuck in the hamster wheel of checking off boxes on a never-ending “to-do” list that aren’t really leading towards a life that you can be proud of.

Look, unless you’ve really sat down and mapped out exactly what it is that you want out of life – and then matching that with what you do every day – then at best, you’re probably making amazing strides in your life and business, but without direction and purpose…

Today, Mike gets to connect you to the perfect “architects” that assist in systematically creating the perfect blueprint for your life…

The one that leads you towards a life of no regrets.

This is the place where dreams really come true for you…

It’s time to get very specific…

To be very decisive about the life you absolutely want.

You don’t want to miss this episode.

You get to listen as Mike brings in 2 of the most brilliant minds he has ever worked with…

Both of whom have spent over 50 years (collectively) in the business of wealth management and life fulfillment, earning them over a billion dollars from their coaching and advisement—all while gaining over 11,000 clients!

They developed an extraordinarily effective system…

One that’s been built based on the interactions and work they've done with their highest net worth billionaire clients and connections.

And now you get that same exact formula for success and fulfillment right to you.

After watching their simple 5-step process you’ll be asking, “Why haven’t I seen this sooner?!”

Key Takeaways

  • (04:57) It takes more than just checking boxes off on your bucket list…
  • (13:08) The 5 Core Pillars you need now to have a Life of No Regrets
  • (16:00) What MOST High Net Earners Really Want
  • (29:39) 1,000 wishes versus just 1…
  • (42:00) What do you really want to do?

Additional Resources

GIF image of Mike Koenigs with Bryan Sweet and Brittany Anderson taken during the recording of Episode 119

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