Why Is the Lloyd Price Musical, “Personality” the Next Hamilton?

August 15, 2023

Episode 150


Has Mike got an insider scoop for you today!

He recently got back from a great adventure in Chicago. On top of a couple of days of Strategic Coach with Dan, they went to see the new Lloyd Price musical, “Personality”.

Their good friend, Jeffrey Madoff, has been working on it for the last 6 years and they've been able to be privy to the entire creative process, so it was pretty cool for them to finally see it live on stage.

In case you didn’t know, “Personality” is a musical about the life of pioneering 1950's rock n’ roll star Lloyd Price, written by documentary filmmaker, Jeff Madoff. Lloyd Price was one of the very first rock stars, with huge hits like “Personality” and “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” – you’ll definitely recognize his music when you hear it.

Dan tells the story of having lunch with Jeffrey in New York 6 years ago. After hearing all about the musical, he and his wife, Babs, knew right then and there they wanted to be a part of it and invested immediately.

He’s been watching the musical progress from an early reading of the script to secret backers’ workshops in NYC. He said from the very first workshop it was clear this was going to be an iconic, timeless musical that would run for decades.

Now that Mike has seen the Chicago production himself, he couldn’t agree more — the music, the costumes, the set design, the performers…everything is absolute perfection. It’s one of the tightest, most spectacular live performances Mike has ever seen.

Beyond the incredible production, Dan and Mike also geek out about the fascinating history of the evolution of the entertainment industry. Like how classic Hollywood studios tightly controlled their stars’ images, compared to today’s overexposure on social media. Today’s entertainers have way more independence, but also greater pressure to cultivate their personal brand 24/7.

They also touch on how everyone in Hollywood is fearful about what's going to happen with Ai. It's Mike's opinion that in the entertainment industry, having strikes and expecting the world to stay the same, is putting a nail in the coffin of a lot of Hollywood.

Don’t misunderstand, Mike has a tremendous amount of respect for entertainers and the creative process. It is a hard business, but the world is changing.

All this to say – if you’re anywhere near Chicago, you absolutely MUST get tickets to “Personality” immediately! The cast, crew, and creative team have poured their souls into this musical for 6 long years, and the love shows in every song, every dance number, every scene.

Dan and Mike truly believe this will be a Broadway smash for decades to come.

Key Takeaways

  • (00:09) We are in a Golden Era of what’s possible in the world of entertainment
  • (04:13) Funding the musical
  • (08:05) The tightness of the production
  • (18:52) The shifting entertainment landscape
  • (22:26) The golden age of movie stars
  • (32:11) Mike’s predictions for the future of Hollywood

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