3 Ways the Wealthiest Do Deals and Investments

July 8, 2022

Episode 111


Are You Ready to Create Infinite Leverage?

Today, Mike has an extraordinary guest. His name is Tom Burns.

Mike met Tom through an investment fund—one of the most brilliant deals he's ever been involved with.

What’s the #1 secret the wealthiest people know?

It’s not obvious, but it enables anyone to create infinite leverage with the least risk.

They'll also talk about how to do your own deals.

Becoming a principal and a sponsor for private equity may sound completely overwhelming… Until you learn more about it.

The sky’s the limit when you learn how to put together people, deals, money, structure, and rules.

PLUS you’ll learn how to use Tom’s Rich Life Leverage Matrix.

This exercise enables you to think about deals and investment opportunities and define them to take the best course of action.

Tom will also deconstruct five of his best deals, including the Lotus Fund, one of the most intelligent deals Mike has ever been involved in.

Key Takeaways

  • What is the leverage matrix? (02:43)
  • Why should we listen to Tom Burns? (06:11)
  • How to get started with real estate investing (10:44)
  • Lessons learned from dealing with the wrong people (19:34)
  • How to create your own deals (37:42)

Additional Resources

GIF of Mike Koenigs and Tom Burns talking during the recording of Podcast Episode 111

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