Wealth Longevity International: Early Disease Detection, 3 Longevity Secrets and 5 Wealth Creation Tips in One Place

August 28, 2023

Episode 151


Today, Mike has a special treat for you! It’s one of the most riveting, soul-searching, and transformative episodes of Capability Amplifier yet.

Why should you listen… NOW? Because today, Mike is talking to the entire founding group of Wealth Longevity International.

As founders and entrepreneurs, we sometimes hit that point where we look ahead and think, “Do I have fewer days ahead than I've had behind?” And as we push on, the isolation of success, outgrowing certain relationships, the hunt for deeper connections… These all become part of our reality.

They dove headfirst into this topic with the incredible minds behind Wealth Longevity International. Together, they peeled back the layers of the health and financial stresses that all entrepreneurs face.

🔥 Regan Archibald shares his encounters with entrepreneurs who've scaled mountains but at the cost of their health. How do we pivot from primarily business metrics to also tracking our health metrics? He also has insights on a life-changing tool he created alongside Dan Sullivan called “Fitness 50 at Age 100”. Regan’s story about a client transformation will blow you away!

🔥 Steve Marler shares a peek into the future with the incredible world of full-body scans and the powerful tech that can literally save lives. With cutting-edge technology and a decade's experience, Steve’s team is on the frontline detecting health threats. The stories he shares (especially Mike's!) show why early detection is key.

🔥 And then, the power duo of wealth management, Brittany Anderson and Bryan Sweet, share the biggest regrets and blind spots many founders face in their financial journey, the pitfalls founders often fall into, and how to make sure your wealth is as safeguarded as your health. Who doesn't want to prevent their hard-earned money from slipping away due to unforeseen threats?

So, if you want to:

  • Learn about longevity, both in health and wealth.
  • Discover strategies to monitor your fitness the way you monitor your business.
  • Hear about state-of-the-art health scanning technology.
  • And, understand the pitfalls founders face in protecting their wealth…

… then this podcast episode is a must-listen!

Key Takeaways

  • (04:43) What is threat detection and how it works
  • (16:58) What is Wealth Longevity International?
  • (19:26) The Free Zone concept and how it changed our lives
  • (26:22) What happens when people open up their hearts?
  • (36:18) Why having the best technology and team are super important
  • (46:18) The importance of being solution-focused
  • (51:40) The Peptide Blueprint

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