Disaster-Proof Tunnels and Buildings: The World’s #1 GeoForming Expert

June 19, 2023

Episode 143


Mike is super excited to share their latest podcast episode, featuring an extraordinary individual whose ground-breaking work is reshaping the understanding of disasters prevention.

Meet Kayhan Zirhlioglu, the trailblazing owner of Geoform Systems. His knowledge and experience in this complex and vital field are staggering, and the insights he shares in this episode shouldn’t be missed.

Today, Mike and Kayhan dive into the details of past calamities like the Miami condo collapse in 2021, the devastating earthquake in Turkey in 2023, and the tunnel collapse in Japan in 2012.

What binds these seemingly disparate events together? Water. The ultimate solvent. It's a relentless foe that infiltrates structures, weakens them, and leads to their collapse.

But imagine a world where we could predict and prevent geological disasters, save lives, and protect economies. This isn’t merely a fantasy, but the real-life work of Geoform, the world-leading company in stabilizing soil and preventing water disasters before, during, and after construction.

They also explore the cutting-edge, environmentally friendly tools and materials used to mitigate potential hazards. Imagine Hoover Dam springing a leak, or a critical highway disintegrating. These are the types of disasters Geoform helps prevent.

This episode isn't just about Geoforming, though. It's about the far-reaching effects this field has on every aspect of our civilized society. From the safety of our structures to the health of our economies, geoforming plays a vital role. And if anyone can make a topic like dirt enthralling, it's Kayhan!

So, if you are ready for a thought-provoking journey that redefines the way you perceive the ground beneath your feet, tune in now and discover how Geoform is shaping the future of our world, one handful of soil at a time.

Key Takeaways

  • (04:09) What is Geoforming and what’s the vision for the future?
  • (09:28) The biggest disasters that Kayhan has had to fix
  • (12:10) Is Kayhan able to predict the future?!
  • (29:10) Preventing disasters from happening in the first place
  • (41:25) Is Kayhan’s method hazardous or safe for the environment?

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