How to Create a Sales Referral Party with Charles Byrd

August 26, 2022

Episode 116


The fastest/easiest way to grow your business…

Most business owners/ entrepreneurs are sitting on GOLD and they don’t even know it…

They work tirelessly, focusing on too many components of their business all at once, hoping that by “doing it all” somehow, all of their hard work will magically boost their business:

  • “We need to focus on making a killer landing page…”
  • “We need to boost our Facebook, YouTube, Google ads…”
  • “We need to double down on our CRM…”
  • “We need to hire better employees…”

Sound too familiar?

BTW, Mike's NOT saying working on these different aspects of your business doesn’t make a difference.

They do, but you’re STILL not getting the results you’re hoping for… Right?

THIS single tool has been overlooked and underutilized for far too long and has been the fastest/ easiest way Mike has grown his own business…

It’s why he still uses it EVERY DAY…

In fact, Mike's favorite way of putting it to use is by “throwing parties” like THIS…

To explain:

Add the word “Referral” to parties so that it makes more sense.

“Referral Parties?”

Yes, because that’s exactly what Mike is talking about.

In business, Relationships. Are. Everything and “It’s NOT what you know, but who you know.”


In this Episode, watch as Mike and his good friend, Charles Byrd, show you exactly how to create recurring business, bring in more customers consistently, and just make things happen using “Referral Parties.”

You’ll be amazed how fast your business grows from it.

Let's get started!

Key Takeaways

  • (00:58) Want to bring in more “hot-warm” customers? Do this…
  • (07:42) How the “JV” strategy works.
  • (19:20) Referral Parties are the best way to help your business and your relationships.
  • (29:20) Avoid relationships like these (PITAs)…
  • (49:24) This is how it’s done. (Referral Parties Demonstration)

Additional Resources

GIF image of Mike Koenigs and Charles Byrd taken during the recording of Episode 116

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