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June 25, 2024

Episode 177


Fun fact: 60% of high-value readers now prefer audiobooks—a trend amplified by the pandemic. This accessibility aligns with the modern inclination towards integrating audio into daily routines. Audiobooks and podcasts have become essential for engaging business audiences, leading to potential sales boosts.

Not only can Ai help you do this quickly and efficiently, Ai can help you record it without expensive studio equipment or studio time.

In this Capability Amplifier episode, Ai Accelerator founder, Mike Koenigs and Paul Colligan introduce a simple process to get your audiobook recorded and out to the world in just one week. Learn more.

There are intricacies to choosing between virtual and natural voices, the meticulous tuning of personal voice models, and the quick turnaround time of one week for audiobook production and review. This eliminates the traditional, tedious aspects of audiobook recording and technique, making it accessible for even non-professional speakers.

It’s incredible how accurate the Ai-generated voices actually are, capturing the nuance of accent, phrasing, and even breathing patterns. Recording your voice, to be replicated by Ai, maintains the intimacy audiobooks offer to your audience, and creates deep connections with your audience.

You’ll Hear About:

  • The rise and accessibility of audiobooks
  • How and why you should use Ai to write and release an audiobook
  • How audiobooks generate leads and help you close deals by fostering personal connections with your audience
  • Demos of Ai generated narrators that sound just like the authors
  • How you can record and release your audiobook in just one week

Key Takeaways

  • (04:30) Audiobooks and podcasts drive real business results.
  • (10:53) Investment of ten minutes to learn how the Ai recording process works
  • (26:24) Audiobooks foster intimate communication, builds meaningful connections.
  • (28:13) Read the first chapter, approve the second, and Ai finishes the book. Ai intuitively replicates your personal phrasing, accents, and breathing patterns.
  • (33:40) In most cases, you own the rights to the books (depending on pre-existing contracts)
  • (39:38) Release your book to 32+ audiobook platforms, including Audible and Spotify.
  • (44:44) You don’t need a professional studio, or to invest in audio equipment – and the recording is still high quality sound.
  • (50:46) We partner with you, and promote your audiobook release.

Now is the time to expand your reach, increase your leads, make more money, and release your audiobook. Get started on your audiobook today! 

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