Krisstina Wise: How Losing Everything Twice Led Her to Financial Freedom

August 7, 2023

Episode 149


We've got an absolutely INCREDIBLE rags to riches story to share with you today.

Mike's friend of 15 years, Krisstina Wise grew up poor in a trailer park with “poor minded, poor thinking” parents. Yet despite her humble beginnings, Krisstina amassed an 8-figure net worth!

But it wasn't easy…

She earned big then lost it ALL not just once, but TWICE. Along the way she had relationships with some “wrong guys” (her words not Mike's!) and battled health crises that nearly killed her.

Yet like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Krisstina bounced back again and again.

So what's her secret?

Resilience…and an obsession with understanding money. See, most entrepreneurs are great at making money but TERRIBLE at growing and keeping wealth.

We get caught in the “entrepreneurial trap” of just making more to spend more on our lifestyles. Meanwhile, we show shockingly little on the net worth statement for all our hard work.

In this raw and vulnerable interview, Krisstina pulls back the curtain on her wild rags-to-riches rollercoaster journey. She also reveals the money mindsets and wealth-building strategies she's developed after losing it all twice.

If you want to go from high income but low net worth to building REAL sustainable wealth, you need to listen to this episode now.
Krisstina is full of golden nuggets that could change your money situation forever.
Her advice completely shifted my own thinking about money, wealth, and what's REALLY important.

Tune in NOW to hear Krisstina’s wealth-building secrets including:

  • Her “wealth building recipe” and how she creates passive income
  • Why most entrepreneurs fall into the trap of “more is better” (and how to avoid it)
  • The key to creating a surplus between what you earn and what you spend
  • How to calculate exactly how much money is “enough” for the lifestyle you want
  • The “secret sauce” of consistency that builds true wealth

Krisstina is an open book about her wild entrepreneurial journey and her wisdom could be the game-changer your business needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • (02:59) Krisstina’s rags to riches and back again story
  • (07:21) The entrepreneurial trap
  • (17:49) How much money is enough and how much is not enough?
  • (22:50) The process of building wealth
  • (39:23) Money is the best employee
  • (50:24) The personal side of money in business

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