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The Founder Exit Business Model

This is for you if you want to start, scale and exit your business and walk away with freedom of time, money, relationship and purpose, plus reinvent yourself in the process. One of the things Mike has noticed in meeting with thousands of founders over the years is they get to a point in their…
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How to Fire Yourself First

If you're reading this email, chances are you have the same dream just about every entrepreneur has… To have financial freedom and a freedom lifestyle. Mike thinks EVERY business owner also wants a self-managing company that can scale to whatever level you dream of that's both lifestyle compatible and saleable someday. It'd also be nice…
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3 Secrets to Perfect Mastermind Experiences

If someone asked me “what’s the fastest way to double my income?” The answer is simple. Masterminds. There’s ONE thing that’s contributed to Mike generating over $60,000,000 over the course of his professional career and helping his clients earn hundreds of millions – possibly billions of dollars. Masterminds. If you want to build relationships with…
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Dan Sullivan’s The Gap and The Gain

Do you beat yourself up because you’re not enough? You don’t feel successful enough, rich enough or get enough done? This episode is the formula to stay positive ALL the time and get other people enrolled in a positive moving future as well. This is a 27 year old concept, and one of the most…
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How to Book a Meeting With Elon Musk and Tim Cook

Years ago, a mentor described one of Mike's friends as “the guy who can get the pope on the phone.” What he meant by that is he knew how to cold call, network, and wiggle his way into any circumstance. He was a “super connector” with no fear and sold millions of any product he…
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Discover Your WHY in Less Than 5 Minutes

 What’s the best way to make friends, influence people, be the life of the party and a master communicator? I think being a magician, a mind reader or maybe even a psychic! You'd be endlessly entertaining, engaging AND an expert persuader. Now think about it from a business perspective… If you were looking for…
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Doing The Impossible in Impossible Times

If you’ve ever wanted to answer the nagging question we’ve ALL asked ourselves; “What do I really want to DO with my life?!” You’re going to LOVE this special guest, Charlie Epstein, the creator of Yield of Dreams. His story is going to help answer that question for you and get the cobwebs out of…
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How to Amplify Your Capabilities Like Elon Musk

The most valuable companies in the world are built on top of platforms. In 2020, the Apple App Store grossed over $72.3 billion, and Amazon Web Services produced 45.3 billion. Peter Drucker famously said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” and people like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk have proven…
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Strategic Stumbling and Shortcuts

What if there were other humans out there that could be amazing SHORTCUTS and help you solve any imaginable problem in your business? What if collaborating with smart, like-minded individuals resulted in something so magical that multi-million (or billion) dollar opportunities were possible? Imagine being able to do all of this while experiencing unforgettable food,…
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Creating Purpose for Other People

Think for a moment about the great WHO’S that you need in your life as an entrepreneur. If you know what you’re doing, you can give those WHO’S great purpose. There are a lot of amazing WHO’S out there with incredible talents that aren’t unable to find their purpose or a use for their skills.…
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