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Strategic Stumbling and Shortcuts

What if there were other humans out there that could be amazing SHORTCUTS and help you solve any imaginable problem in your business? What if collaborating with smart, like-minded individuals resulted in something so magical that multi-million (or billion) dollar opportunities were possible? Imagine being able to do all of this while experiencing unforgettable food,…
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Creating Purpose for Other People

Think for a moment about the great WHO’S that you need in your life as an entrepreneur. If you know what you’re doing, you can give those WHO’S great purpose. There are a lot of amazing WHO’S out there with incredible talents that aren’t unable to find their purpose or a use for their skills.…
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Achieving Greater Purpose

 What if you could take your BIG ideas and turn them into something magical, profitable and fun? Where are you leaving millions of dollars on the table? What kind of creative collaborations could get you there? WHO are missing in your network or business to make all these dreams come true? The ability to…
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Connect with Your Ideal Clients NOW!

Every business owner is looking for more leads, better relationships and better follow up. Mike's guest, Charles Byrd is going to share some of his best strategies to do just that, including: How to connect with your ideal clients. How to connect with your ideal partners. How to get free leads. They'll show you how…
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Vision Delivery

One of the biggest things that entrepreneurs and founders struggle with is VISION DELIVERY. You have a big idea that you can see from start to finish but when you go to your teams, you get bogged down because there's a fact finder that asks you so many questions you get lost. You realize that…
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Dave Asprey Tours Mike's Video Studio

A lot of successful entrepreneurs today either have their own podcast or appear regularly on others. In fact, podcasting is one of THE most powerful tools to build an audience of raving fans. Mike would even say it's a necessary tool if you want to grow a business empire and platform that pays you for…
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Favorite Historical Figures

You know what they say — “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” It’s very important to know where things came from and who created them. Today Mike and Dan going to go back in history because this is one of Dan's very favorite topics. Mike is going to ask…
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A Hero Mindset and Scorecards

Imagine being able to attract a perfect, right fit client (what we call a “hero”) into your business. How do you communicate to get anyone who's around you, whether it's an employee, a friend, or a spouse to get on the same page in the shortest period of time? Today you’ll learn one of Dan…
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David Horsager; The Most Researched Expert on Trust

What is the best way to drive results in all areas of your life? Do you struggle with your employees, clients, marketing or your net promoter score? Maybe you’re struggling with your marriage, or your relationship with your kids? There is a KEY CHALLENGE that you have and it's one simple word… TRUST. The question…
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Presentism; Understanding History

What is “Presentism?” It’s defined as: uncritical adherence to present-day attitudes, especially the tendency to interpret past events in terms of modern values and concepts. Let’s put it in terms that might be easier to understand in 2021. Today there is a general lack of understanding of history and geography. Generation Z has been raised…
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