Living in the Age of Rage: Three Rules for Keeping Your Cool

July 5, 2023

Episode 145


Today's episode might be a little controversial, but Mike really believes it’s a necessary conversation.

They're diving into the mind of the inimitable Dan Sullivan, and his new book, “Geometry for Staying Cool and Calm.”

It’s not just a book about remaining unruffled when the going gets tough; it's a powerful exploration of the fragile society we find ourselves in, the victim mentality sweeping the world and the ways we can rise above it all.

Think of this episode as the ultimate guide to being a great parent and raising successful kids.

Today Dan breaks down his biggest, best nuggets of wisdom, like a compelling story about drinking and cowardice that might just rearrange your entire mindset.

It all started when Dan decided to turn off the TV for good five years ago. As the world raged on in division and chaos, Dan’s world started looking a whole lot better.

He decided to delve into the current state of the world — the angst, the addictions, the rage, and the digital warfare. He makes some intriguing comparisons to previous eras and the physical threats they posed, while today, we face primarily psychological threats.

His observations led him to pen “Geometry for Staying Cool and Calm.” Inspired by Euclid's math book and its beautiful structure, Dan lays out three key principles for maintaining your cool in a world gone mad.

If you want to inoculate yourself and your loved ones from this ‘Age of Rage,' this is the episode for you.

Key Takeaways

  • (01:49) Why Dan decided to ditch TV
  • (04:57) Physical threats VS psychological threats
  • (11:07) Mike’s most painful experiences as a child
  • (17:02) How do you know what to do in a world like this?
  • (27:22) Winning strategies for parents and kids
  • (40:15) The importance of having a good relationship with parents

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