The Secret Power of Intent-Based Searches with Chuck Boyce

July 31, 2023

Episode 148


Mike is ALWAYS on the lookout for innovative strategies that will supercharge his business. He's found such a strategy and today he's going to share it with you. (Get ready to take notes… you’ll thank him later.)

In this episode, Mike sat down with his friend, Chuck Boyce—a super great guy he's had the pleasure of knowing for over 15 years and a true digital marketing Jedi.

They dove deep into a game-changing question: What if you could snag an accurately qualified prospect who wants to buy what you have and capture their intent and attention before they even click?

Now imagine decreasing your online ad spend by 60% to 80% (or more) and hijacking your competitor's searches. That's not fantasy. That's the power of intent-based searches.

Chuck, the founder of AccuClients, shared how to lower your cost per lead, connect with only qualified prospects, and beat your competitors at their own game. And they're not talking about smoke and mirrors here. This strategy is about leveraging data outside of Google, Facebook, and Apple—you know, the big three who just love to dip into your pockets.

Get ready to target and build your audience in ways you've never imagined before. Find out who is looking for the answer to the problem you solve, track them, and retarget them on their devices or on any media—including TV or streaming. All at a cost that's a mere fraction of what you pay for social media advertising.

Chuck also shares his professional journey. From his early days tackling systems development and huge amounts of data, to the sale of his previous company to LegalZoom, and how he is now helping companies escape the “Facebook, Apple, Google trap.”

One of the biggest takeaways from their conversation is how businesses, especially those with high-ticket offers, can revolutionize their marketing. Move beyond just clicks and conversions and find out how to make your prospects choose YOU over your competitors… legally, ethically, and morally!

This episode is packed full of marketing nuggets you’re not going to want to miss. So, tune in, and get a glimpse into the future of digital marketing.

Key Takeaways

  • (02:37) Using intent-based data to target and build an audience
  • (05:08) How Chuck is able to monetize the massive amount of data that’s being collected on-line without using Google or Facebook
  • (09:34) What does this mean for marketing and targeting in the future?
  • (12:24) Whis is this for and who is this NOT for?
  • (14:39) How to improve your marketing and follow up
  • (27:42) How do you filter out fake content?

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