Dogs, Sex and Ai… OH MY! (PART TWO…)

September 13, 2023

Episode 153


Are you ready for Part Two of “Dogs, Sex and Ai… OH MY!?”

There was such an incredible response to last week's Part One episode… you’re going to LOVE the conclusion.

As you know, Dan is the founder of Strategic Coach and has coached over 100,000 entrepreneurs. He's one of the wisest, most forward-thinking people Mike knows.

In today’s episode, Dan and Mike go deep on whether businesses need a “Chief Ai Officer” and how entrepreneurs can harness Ai as their ultimate Capability Amplifier.

Dan completely flipped Mike's thinking and showed him how he was stuck in corporate group thinking. His perspective is SO refreshing and empowering!

He explained why every individual in a company needs Ai superpowers, not just some new C-suite exec. Ai can free us to operate in our unique abilities and 10X our revenue without more work.

It's some of Dan's most provocative thinking yet. It blew Mike's mind.

Dan even riffed an awesome pitch for Mike's new Ai training program at the end. The man's a natural marketer!

This episode will open your mind and get you FIRED UP to amplify your capabilities with Ai. We're not giving it all away — just listen for yourself.

Key Takeaways

  • (01:06) According to Peter Diamandis “every business in the world needs a chief Ai officer…” but do they? Dan disagrees
  • (15:24) Ai is a huge multiplier but just a tool. It doesn’t deserve sainthood
  • (22:31) Who attracts the best talent in the world?
  • (28:57) Corporations are where big ideas go when they’ve run out of energy
  • (38:50) Dan gives me a killer pitch

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