Will AI Replace Humans? (Part 2)

November 25, 2022

Episode 125


Is your industry, job, or skill set next?

Welcome to Part 2 of “Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans?”

Today, Dan and Mike will wrap up this 2-part podcast by uncovering a few key principles that all entrepreneurs need to know in order to survive what’s inevitably coming.

If there’s one thing they know, it’s that AI will continue to advance and become smarter and faster.

For the inexperienced entrepreneur, it’s creating a lot of worry and fear and Mike thinks he knows why…

We’ve already seen robots replace factory workers in assembly-line industries. Phone operators, telemarketers, and even receptionists are a thing of the past for many businesses. Many pharmacies are replacing their technicians with robots capable of separating and handling prescriptions…

The next logical question is… Is your industry or skill set next?

Mike thinks it depends. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do about it. Simple things, that if implemented, won’t just provide “job security” but change the way you do business.

Here's a hint as to what it is that separates you from any robot out there… It’s the “human element.”

Tune into the whole episode and it will explain everything. It just might save you from becoming a thing of the past…

Watch or listen to Part Two of the podcast NOW!

Key Takeaways

  • (01:35) How to avoid falling into the D.A.M.D.S.?
  • (06:00) How me and my team are able to outperform major corporations…
  • (07:42) What movie hero do you want to be like? (How to Reinvent Yourself.)
  • (28:00) Amplify You… It’s all you can do.
  • (33:00) What to always say “NO” to!

Additional Resources

GIF image of Mike Koenigs talking with Dan Sullivan taken during the recording of Episode 125.

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