Who Not How – The Formula To Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork

Nov 13, 2020

Episode 70


Do you have a list a mile long of stuff you NEED to get done but you keep procrastinating?

Your business and personal growth may DEPEND on you checking off those important things on the list but still… you can’t seem to get them done.

We ALL struggle with procrastination… but why? And how do you get past it so you can move forward and grow?

Today we talk about Dan's latest book with Dr. Benjamin Hardy, “Who Not How.” The subtitle of the book is, “The formula to achieve bigger goals through accelerating teamwork,” and it's a big idea that will completely change the way you think about getting things done.

The idea comes from a comment that Dean Jackson made during a podcast that he and Dan were doing about why people procrastinate. We have goals, we have a vision of who we can be in the future and we’re very excited about that vision but then we stop moving forward.

But WHY?

The reason is that you ask yourself, how can I accomplish this goal? This question brings up a weird response because if we had the ability to actually accomplish the goal, we would have accomplished it already. By the very nature of having a bigger and better goal, we’re going into territory where we probably don't have all the capabilities we need.

So instead of saying, “how can I accomplish this goal,” you be should saying, “who can accomplish this with me or who can accomplish it for me.” You need to untrain youself from the natural way of thinking that you have to do all the steps to get to the goal and start thinking about who around you can help.

The WHY of the concept was so interesting that Dan turned it into a book.

The making of the book is a perfect example of his concept. Because Dan knows his strength is in the “ideas,” he brought together a team to bring the book together. Contributors, writers, book strategists, and deal negotiators all did their part and a new book was born.

It’s something Dan has been doing for the last 30-40 years of his career and the reason he publishes 4 books a year and NEVER suffers from procrastination.

To learn more about how to win the battle against procrastination and achieve bigger goals by building and using teams, listen to this episode right now then go grab your copy of Dan’s new book, “Who Not How” here!

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