Creating Purpose for Other People

August 19, 2021

Episode 87


Think for a moment about the great WHO’S that you need in your life as an entrepreneur.

If you know what you’re doing, you can give those WHO’S great purpose.

There are a lot of amazing WHO’S out there with incredible talents that aren’t unable to find their purpose or a use for their skills.

That’s where YOU come in… but the great WHO’S aren’t looking for schmucks.

How do you not be a schmuck? How do you keep the really great WHO’s inspired, impactful, focused and keep them around for a long time?

That’s what this episode is all about. CREATING PURPOSE FOR OTHER PEOPLE.

Listen and Watch for all of this and A LOT MORE.

Julian Simon said, “Humans innovate their way out of resource shortages. People are the ultimate resource. Resources aren't discovered, they’re invented.”

That's the basic premise here today.

What are the conditions for increasing human ingenuity?
It’s smart people collaborating with each other.

80% of the most talented people in the world need someone to give them a purpose for their talents.

The phenomenal ability to GIVE other people purpose is a very rare talent.

It’s a serious skill to have and one that Dan and Mike are grateful for because they’re both really good at it.

Entrepreneurs with LOTS of big ideas…need to find right-fit WHO’s to help make those ideas a reality. Otherwise they’re dead in the water from the start.

Finding the right-fit WHO requires giving them the right purpose to keep them moving and motivated.

One of the tools that Dan uses in Strategic Coach is the “Impact Filter.”

This is where you create projects that attract teamwork.
Entrepreneurs, almost by definition, have the ability to create purpose in the future.

One that doesn't exist…yet.

In other words, something that's created in the imagination and is so compelling and persuasive that other people will say, “I'll add my capabilities to that! This is great, I'm good at __________ and I can provide value to the vision.”

At the end of the day, we’re driven by impact.
The impact you’ll have on the organization: results, outcomes and benefits.

Whether you're a collaborator or not depends on how much of the future you'd like to share with other people.

If there's only room for you and your future, it's not an interesting game.

There is SO much more juicy information in this episode about creating purpose for other people!

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