Dogs, Sex and Ai… OH MY!

September 5, 2023

Episode 152


Part One. Stay Tuned Next Week For Part Two!

Are you ready for one of the most fascinating and enlightening conversations that Dan and Mike have ever had?

Buckle up for this week's podcast episode, “Dogs, Sex and Ai… OH MY!”

Dan and Mike talk about everything from teenage sex to dog psychology to technology tools for filtering out “stupid people.” It sounds crazy, but Dan has a brilliant way of connecting concepts and ideas that seem totally unrelated at first. His perspective on using technology as a buffer between you and negative forces is genius.

He shared his unique philosophy on leveraging technology to create 10X futures – while avoiding the traps and pitfalls. They also got into the power of Free Zones… how to create exponential growth… and why the best collaborations happen between people who “own their lives.”

Their conversation covered so many fascinating topics including:

  • The teenage mindset around sex and technology
  • Using “smart humans” as a filter between you and new tech
  • Dan's genius philosophy on dogs, psychology and human motivation
  • Why the best health care is at veterinarian hospitals (you'll be surprised by this)
  • The power of pure research and investing in 10X futures
  • How to filter out stupid people and have richer conversations
  • The keys to creating a “Free Zone” economy and community
  • Why collaborations thrive when everyone “owns their life”
  • The next evolution of Ai and how it fits into Dan's technology views
  • Big ideas on capitalism, economics and the “social” virus
  • And so much more!

The whole thing is overflowing with Dan's classic one-liners and thought bombs. Mike was scribbling down notes and mind maps furiously the whole time.

Mike can't wait for you to hear this one. It'll give you an arsenal of new mental models to build the life and business you really want.

So get ready to have your mind blown and listen now. Then…. stay tuned next week for PART TWO!

Key Takeaways

  • (01:25) Teenagers, sex and technology
  • (05:45) Technology starts as weapons, toys or porn
  • (10:50) Owning technology like a great dog
  • (18:24) Finding ways to create a 10x future together
  • (21:30) Taking risks and a leap of faith
  • (27:49) Keeping technology between you and stupid humans

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