How To Double Your Revenue By Selling To High-Value, Conservative Customers

April 8, 2024

Episode 173


If you’re a business owner or founder, Mike has an eye-opening episode to share with you today.

Mike sat down with his friends, Kurt and Kristen Luidhardt, who have a super unique approach for rapidly growing your business by tapping into what they call “Liberty Spenders” – a lucrative market of 40% of the U.S. population that most businesses completely overlook.

Between them, they've raised over $500 million from over 1 million transactions working on political campaigns. They've helped elect 1 president, 14 governors, and over 100 members of Congress by mastering the psychology of connecting with this hyper-engaged audience.

And now they've adapted their system to help businesses access and resonate with these fiercely loyal buyers in any industry – financial services, consumer products, you name it.

During the conversation, they dove deep into their 5-step process for identifying and speaking the “language” of Liberty Spenders, including:

  • How to instantly analyze your existing customer base to see what percentage are potential Liberty Spenders (the numbers will shock you)
  • The 3 positioning boxes you can choose from to authentically connect with this market – from full ideological stance to neutrality.
  • Crafting a magnetic narrative that taps straight into the passion center of these buyers' minds.
  • Proving your messaging before spending a dime through laser-accurate testing and focus groups.
  • Rolling out an air-tight multi-channel game plan to put your offers in front of this massive, underserved audience.

Kurt and Kristen dropped countless, incredibly valuable case studies and tactics from their two decades in the trenches. Like the beer company that did $1 million in sales overnight by hitting the right emotional chord and taking advantage of the $27 BILLION dollar Bud Light debacle.

You're going to want to take notes on this one when you hear how much low-hanging fruit is sitting there waiting to be picked.

Key Takeaways

  • (00:00) Discover untapped markets for business growth.
  • (03:55) Faith-based buyers: the holy grail of loyal spenders.
  • (09:31) Timing, relevance, and strategy in marketing.
  • (15:44) Kurt's organizational genius and leadership in business.
  • (19:15) Accessing data leads to more targeted marketing.
  • (21:17) Position to market, ideology, issue-oriented approach choices.
  • (28:20) Small budget, bold message effectively captures audience.
  • (32:26) Authentic belief, marketing to conservative audience success.
  • (34:00) Promoted movie, turned losses into profit. Audience connection.
  • (37:57) Creating a product rollout plan with a secret ecosystem.
  • (41:09) Excited about amplifying small businesses, American dream.
  • (46:43) Success relies on effort and collaboration.
  • (48:24) Delivering quick results and scaling businesses fast.

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