The Top 5 Breakaway Mindsets to 10X Your Financial Freedom in 24 Months

March 4, 2024

Episode 169


Ever feel like you're pedaling as hard as you can in your business, but the competition keeps blowing past you? The solution – draft off someone who's cracked the code.

In today’s new episode, Mike goes for a wild ride with Aaron Marcum, a successful serial entrepreneur and recent student of positive psychology at UPenn. Aaron shares brilliant strategies he's used to “breakaway” from the pack through smart talent acquisition, premium pricing, systemization, and living with an “exit mindset.”

His cycling metaphors for teamwork, leadership, and personal growth are so visceral, you'll feel the wind in your face. They discuss how Aaron once biked 200 miles in a single day across mountain ranges by “drafting” behind his wife to conserve energy for the final push.

But the real magic happens when Aaron walks through the five “breakaway secrets” he teaches ambitious entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable growth and personal freedom:

  1. Getting your mindset right
  2. Keeping and retaining a culture of top talent
  3. Accelerating with the right strategies
  4. Scaling through systems and smart hiring
  5. Achieving the “freedom” you started your business for

Aaron's had multiple successful exits, including selling his last business for a life-changing amount of money. Yet his former partners still respect him immensely because he left the company in capable hands and poised for even more growth.

That's the power of doing it right – building an exitable business you can walk away from (even for 7 weeks at a time!) while it continues thriving under leaders you developed.

You'll also hear about Aaron's new book “Entre Thrive” and his latest reinvention with the Breakaway Accelerator program for entrepreneurs wanting that same level of freedom and exit potential.

Whether you're just starting to build your dream or ready to sell, this episode is a master class in the psychology and systems needed for breakaway success.

Aaron's vivid analogies and willingness to get vulnerable about his personal journey make this a truly inspiring listen. You'll walk away with a fresh perspective on growth, freedom, and living “the good life.”

Hit play and get ready to draft off one of the best.

Key Takeaways

  • (00:00) Expert in team building, exit strategies, and growth.
  • (04:40) Drafting and breakaways are crucial in racing.
  • (07:47) Aaron discusses team and strategies.
  • (10:41) Positive psychology emphasizes mindset for business success.
  • (16:18) Prioritized passions, sought guidance, found fulfillment in cycling.
  • (19:00) Learning from a renowned psychologist, promoting a thriving mindset.
  • (19:58) Fascinated by science, successful entrepreneurs embrace change.
  • (26:01) Proper preparation leads to successful business exits.
  • (27:02) Reflect on past experience to achieve success.
  • (32:57) Hiring Todd transformed business, industry experts now.
  • (36:31) Scale with acceleration, hire smarter, sustainable growth.
  • (38:11) Integrated home care pulse with scheduling software.
  • (41:24) Entrepreneurs seek financial and personal freedom.
  • (46:18) Achieving founder freedom through applied wisdom.
  • (48:01) Reframe mindset, plan breakaways, lean into desires

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