English as a Second Language (It Powers the Planet)

April 5, 2024

Episode 172


Grab your headphones and get comfy because today’s podcast with Dan Sullivan is another must-listen episode!

It was one of the most fascinating conversations Mike has had in a while — all about the rise of English as the global language and how it's shaped culture, business, and even our individual mindsets.

Dan makes a bold claim that English is the “Latin of the 21st century” and shares insightful stories about his experiences with people from all over the world who learned English as a second language to unlock greater opportunities.

Mike and Dan discuss how English's simplicity and adaptability allowed it to overtake other languages and how its dominance in entertainment, technology, and entrepreneurship encouraged billions to adopt it for fame, fortune, and a better life.

But here's the real mind-bender: Dan argues that non-native English speakers are often BETTER communicators because they instinctively check for understanding in a way native speakers don't.

You'll hear firsthand examples of this from Dan's powerful interactions in Buenos Aires that inspired ideas for creating multilingual podcasts, audiobooks and more!

You don't want to miss this one! Let's hear your biggest takeaways! Mike is really curious to hear perspectives from non-native English speakers.

Key Takeaways

  • (00:00) How people worldwide learn English
  • (08:55) How American culture affects language barriers in travel
  • (16:59) English rules in global entertainment and media, with Hollywood and music setting the trend
  • (18:12) Multilingual communicators are really good at engaging audiences
  • (23:58) Learning English in Canada by watching TV
  • (26:05) Ai making instant language translation easier
  • (35:03) Using Ai to turn this podcast into a multilingual podcast
  • (37:56) Entrepreneurs are into quick audio consumption, leaning towards more podcasts than audiobooks

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