The “Talent Stack” Strategy

Dec 4, 2020

Episode 71


Admittedly the last 8 months have been rough on most of the world. Who could have imagined we’d be here, in a real-life pandemic? It’s straight out of a sci-fi movie.

We’ve been dealing with restrictions, lockdowns, isolation, and businesses closing, evolving, and changing on a dime. It hasn’t been easy…

But believe it or not, right NOW is one of the greatest opportunities in human history to actually amplify your capabilities using a concept Dan Sullivan and Mike Koenigs call “The Talent Stack.”

Today on the podcast they'll let you in on exactly what “The Talent Stack” is and how you can use it to your advantage, but want they really want to share with you is how to make someone's dream come true by being able to create “stacks” of value that have higher perceived value than you could ever imagine.

There are a few ways of thinking about this concept. First, imagine if you had the ability to stack value in a way to give your client, what feels like to them, more choices when in fact what you're doing is putting them inside a container so they can only choose you.

It’s a way of thinking about your talents through the perspective of, how do you take value, put it in a container, then position it so you can charge 10 times more for what you're doing by changing the way your prospective clients think.

Here's a little backstory to give you some perspective. Recently Mike worked with a new client who designs supplement ingredients and proprietary, patented ingredients. (in the supplement world, if you get someone to use your ingredient, you get paid royalties) In his case, his products have been in billions of dollars of different products and services.

Come to find out, he’s been scheduled to be on the Joe Rogan podcast! (for anyone who isn't familiar with Joe Rogan, he has about 10 million subscribers on YouTube and hundreds of millions of downloads. It's in the top three of all podcasts in the world right now.)

It just so happens that Mike's fantasized about being on the Joe Rogan podcast himself and he knew that his client being on Joe's show was going to change his life FOREVER. Mike's studied Joe and his show. He’s a guy who's very specific. He wants great guests but you've really got to earn your way into his world and some of that has to do with having shared experiences, shared relationships, and shared values.

So Mike and his client sat down and watched some of Joe’s highest-rated episodes that had to do with personal development, personal growth, food, or nutrition and one thing that happens on Joe's podcast with a great guest is they come in with props and gifts.

One big idea Mike came up with for his client’s appearance on Joe’s show was to order him a custom set of knives with a unique quote (that Joe said) on each one because Joe's a hunter and eats what he kills. Hunting is a spiritual experience for Joe and this unique gift shows that he’s done his homework and has a shared value.

A deeper, more significant concept is an “artifact.” To explain…

Mike's client is in the business of creating different kinds of supplements and nutritional products that you consume. So what they designed was a whole bunch of “stacks” that are good for you and meaningful to Joe. (like a longevity or gamer stack.)

When Mike's client walks in with a box of super fascinating stacks, designed specifically for Joe that aren't available anywhere else… how do you think Joe and his audience will react? It naturally shows off Mike's client’s talents and skill set to the world and creates a deep bond and connection with Joe. It's hyper personalized and packaged in a way that’s meaningful.

Mike's client truly has a goal to improve the quality of mankind and to develop a relationship with Joe that is not manipulative or yucky. He wants to be asked back someday, right? These stacks will help him accomplish those goals.

To hear the rest of the podcast where they go deep into the definitions of “stacks,” like the bonding stack and the notion of creating an artifact, download and listen to this episode right now.

After you listen to the interview, leave Mike and Dan a message and let theme know what you think of this episode OR ask a question you’d like Dan or Mike to answer in an upcoming episode!

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