How to Book a Meeting With Elon Musk and Tim Cook

October 27, 2021

Episode 92


Years ago, a mentor described one of Mike's friends as “the guy who can get the pope on the phone.” What he meant by that is he knew how to cold call, network, and wiggle his way into any circumstance.

He was a “super connector” with no fear and sold millions of any product he set his mind to.

Mike's guest, Nate Kievman is the founder and CEO of Linked Strategies, and has a really unique model for booking opportunities to speak with high-level executives like Elon Musk and Tim Cook.

In fact, some of his clients have booked conversations with these guys and other “untouchables”.

Mike is working with Nate and has spent months studying his systems and collaborating with his team. This episode is all about getting highly qualified prospects booked on your calendar, who already know they're speaking with a sales representative.

Listen to or watch this episode to learn HOW TO BUILD THE RELATIONSHIPS THAT BUILD BUSINESS.

A little background about Nate’s “WHY” and how he got into this business:

Nate was 16 years old and had an out-of-body experience after a bad car accident that nearly killed him. When he woke up, everybody he ever knew had come to visit and wish him well.

He was lying in bed, looking around and thinking, “Wow. This is amazing! Life really IS all about relationships with ourselves, others, and our higher power.”

This became his thesis for his undergrad program in Biblical Studies. Later in business, he became one of the top LinkedIn trainers and strategists because of their focus on “relationships that matter.”

This grew into the business he has today (which is not LinkedIn focused) but focused on Executive Engagement Strategies and Accelerated Growth Programs.

Their mission is to accelerate the growth of conscious and transformational businesses and individuals that are looking to do great things in the world.

He’s a conscious business growth accelerator.

Let's get into the nitty-gritty.

If you're going to book meetings with high-level executives like Tim Cook or Elon Musk (or whoever the equivalent is in your business category), and you want to talk to the decision-makers and check writers… There’s a psychology and mythology behind it.

Nate says that most companies are focused on the WRONG THING.

They're focused on the lead, the tactic, the method, or the how. Whether it's LinkedIn or another social platform, or a combination of all of them to be “market snazzy”.

Ultimately, what really matters is the marriage between the data, the delivery tech, and the messaging you’re using.

All the steps inside of that are REQUIRED to get the attention of an executive that is willing to not only pay attention but respond positively.

To hear the in-depth methodology behind getting meetings with high-level executives AND all of the steps inside of Nate’s system including something he calls “The Impact Analysis” (a process for identifying value), PLUS the Sales System itself, you’ll have to listen to the whole podcast.

Head over to to access a FREE BONUS sales training video and cheat sheet. It's essentially a toolkit that’s filled with really good strategies that are not only easy to implement, you’ll also get to see the role-playing component. In less than an hour, you'll be able to digest some very advanced content. It's super valuable and Mike can practically guarantee you that just going through this will improve all of your sales capabilities—whether you're doing the selling or you've got a sales team. OR chat with Nate and his team by emailing —and make sure to mention the fact that you learned about Nate from this podcast.

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