Achieving Greater Purpose

August 4, 2021

Episode 86


What if you could take your BIG ideas and turn them into something magical, profitable and fun?

Where are you leaving millions of dollars on the table?

What kind of creative collaborations could get you there?

WHO are missing in your network or business to make all these dreams come true?

The ability to take your capability and combine it with someone else's capability to create a new kind of value in the marketplace is what this episode is ALL about.


Listen or watch now to find out how to make this happen.

You can start by taking advantage of the technological capabilities you have today for making instant connections with the right people quickly.

We're talking about Zoom.

Or one of Mike's favorite strategies, “Money Phone”.

Over the last year and half this REALLY changed the way we can do business and opened up the world to everyone with a wifi connection.

If there are 2 entrepreneurs that are right for each other, you are only three clicks apart.

It’s a shortcut for people with the right mindset.
25 years ago this wasn’t possible.

In the past, a lot of people wouldn’t even go to a meeting unless it was in person.

That's completely changed.

EVERY business is sitting on unmonetized and hidden assets that can be turned into “Money Now” (this is the ‘money out of thin air’).

Mike has several clients that have made millions yet they’re still leaving a tremendous amount of money on the table.

By turning their services and IP (Intellectual Property) into training programs, apps and software they’ve been able to reach AND HELP thousands of additional clients and collect the money they were leaving on the table.

In our new marketing video, Mike shares a story about how he and his team recently did this for Gui Costin. They turned a very expensive and complex service offering into a training program.

For business owners and entrepreneurs, there are enormous profitable opportunities if you’re in the right mindset and open to change.

Chaos and change is good for business.
It’s one of the ‘bright spots’ about the pandemic.
Those who pivoted, digitized and virtualized quickly had their best years ever.

Take ADVANTAGE of the opportunities happening in the world right now.

Choose to see the positives and be one of the success stories.
There are millions (even billions) to be made right NOW.
This isn’t new.
It’s about seeing the world through fresh eyes and a new perspective every day.

See you on the inside.

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