The Secret to Uncovering Your 10 Unique Differentiators

February 20, 2023

Episode 136


Dan Sullivan is not only a mentor and good friend, but he’s also the wisest man Mike knows. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’d be wise to soak up as much of his knowledge as you possibly can.

Today, they're talking about a new thinking tool that Dan has come up with called “10 Unique Differentiators.”

Mike and Dan will walk you through the tool and show you how to apply it to your business. By the end, you'll have a greater understanding of your unique abilities and how to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

They'll also experimented with Chat GPT, LIVE. You’ll get to see it come up with some top-notch sales copy as they’re having a conversation. The results are pretty impressive.

The episode is full of such great insights and is a must-listen for anyone looking to take their business and life to the next level.

Dan says; “For entrepreneurs, their business is just an outward expression of a unique ability they had when they were six years old and 30 years down the road they've turned it into a business model.

So what are you waiting for? Listen to discover the power of your “10 Unique Differentiators.”

Key Takeaways

  • (02:52) What are the 10n Unique Differentiators?
  • (10:34) Dan reveals Mike’s uniqueness
  • (16:05) Using Chat GPT to write a sales message LIVE!
  • (23:30) The Importance of being willing to experiment + test to find breakthroughs
  • (38:41) One of the wisest things Mike has ever heard Dan say

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