Family Harmony – The Secret Behind Every Successful Entrepreneur

September 25, 2023

Episode 155


Today is a fascinating new podcast episode that may just change how your family relates to each other.

Mike sat down with the dynamic mother-daughter duo of Dana Weinberger and Ariel Cipoletta. They have an amazing story of going from constant conflict to true harmony using the science-based tools they’ve developed.

Dana was a high-powered entrepreneur who unintentionally became disconnected from her kids. No matter how hard she tried, there was always yelling and frustration.

Meanwhile, her daughter Ariel was struggling in school and life. They just didn't see eye-to-eye.

But after some wake-up calls and soul-searching, Dana committed to transforming not just her parenting but her whole life. And she brought her analytical, quick-start mindset to the challenge.

The result was a complete family turnaround. Ariel blossomed into a star student and caring therapist. Their son went from flunking out to graduating law school with honors. And Dana's business reached new heights with her newly reclaimed focus.

Now Dana and Ariel want to shortcut the pain for other families. In the conversation, they break down their step-by-step Family Harmony Roadmap System.

You'll learn:

  • Dana's journey from disconnected parent to conscious leader
  • How Ariel overcame her challenges and rebuilt her relationship with her mom
  • Their 7-step Family Harmony system and how it works
  • Tips and strategies any parent can use right away
  • How better family communication can unlock your full potential
  • How to create a shared vision and roadmap
  • Tips to maintain positive momentum and celebrate wins

Even if your family relationships are good, this podcast will give you inspiration and tangible tips to strengthen your bonds.

And here's a little secret – when you boost family harmony, your business tends to flourish too. You reclaim mental clarity, energy and motivation.

So give this episode a listen with your spouse or teen. Let it spark a productive discussion. This simple act could change everything.

Key Takeaways:

  • (04:12) Dana’s Dad was a speech-writer for JFK and taught her lessons she still uses today
  • (05:29) Dana’s breaking point as a Mom was a total Sh#* Show
  • (12:01) The evolution of their family relationships
  • (23:10) The seven-step, Family Harmony Roadmap
  • (41:12) Setting goals and using the system

Additional Resources:

  • Get your FREE goodies from Dana and Ariel including the Parent Diagnostic, The Masterclass and an Advisory Session here:


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