The Top 5 Ai Shortcuts To Reclaim a Day a Week

February 9, 2024

Episode 167


Watch this NOW!

Mike has a brand new podcast episode that just dropped with his buddy Tom Lambotte, and it is a GAME CHANGER.

Tom is Mike's Chief Ai Officer and EXPERT, and today they'll show you the latest Ai tools and tactics that can save you a ridiculous amount of time and money.

They're talking about getting entire DAYS of your life back each week.

They teach you how business founders and owners can leverage Ai to automate the tedious stuff, create more content, cultivate the mindsets that will help you dramatically improve your ability to use Ai in your organization and make a TON more money.

You'll see them (in real-time) build landing pages, marketing emails, video scripts, social media content and much more in just minutes.

You'll also get to test out a custom Ai bot Mike made just for YOU that will follow up and deliver you a personalized Ai-generated report.

This stuff is the real deal, and Mike and Tom don't gate keep. You'll find tons of value in this episode.

Here's a taste of what you can expect:

  • How to reclaim entire DAYS and even WEEKS of your time using Ai writing and content creation tools.
  • The inner workings of ChatGPT and how a simple tweak can make it 10x more powerful for your business. (This one tip alone is priceless.)
  • Exactly how to create your own custom Ai assistant from scratch. Imagine having your own personal Ai robot working for you 24/7/365!
  • Tools and tactics to 3X, 5X, even 10X your marketing results.

So if you want to take your business (and your brain) to the next level in 2024, you NEED to check out this podcast.

Key Takeaways

  • (00:00) Using Ai to create episodes and record discussions.
  • (05:16) Quickly create and pitch marketing ideas effectively.
  • (12:38) Cheap tool with mobile app captures your ideas.
  • (16:48) Oasis pitch: Ai bot imports and processes. Tag speakers, generate good titles
  • (25:50) Using the right tools gives you confidence.
  • (28:06) Improving Ai with feedback in Cast Magic.
  • (33:36) Exciting program to help businesses grow with tools.
  • (38:45) Chat GPT: Makes email writing a breeze
  • (47:48) Always recording everything and the “Tom Bot”
  • (49:01) Filter and execute your content prototype idea.
  • (59:22) Check out our Ai bot
  • (01:00:49) Book a chat to work with the Chief Ai Officer
  • (01:05:27) Subscribe, share, and check out the show notes

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