Creative Compression

August 5, 2022

Episode 114


The Top 10 Creative Blockers and How To Solve Them

Today, Dan and Mike started to talk about The Top 10 Creative Blockers and How to Solve Them.

But after really digging in, they came up with an idea called CREATIVE COMPRESSION which is, “how do you solve virtually any creative problem and get more done while staying in your unique ability all the time?”

They ended up with a really useful set of questions you can ask yourself to solve virtually any problem either by yourself or in a group.

Dan and Mike love this episode because every one of Mike's stories triggered a story that Dan had, and they were able to pull lessons from each one. It was like a ping pong match and bonus… they ended up with a lot more than 10!

In fact, that ended up being #1: Start an interesting conversation and ask questions with a time limit.

So… where do they get their inspiration and how do they get unstuck when they have creativity challenges?

Let's dive into the rest of them. Get started by watching or listening to the podcast.

Key Takeaways

  • Dan reveals his creative way of taking the stress out of deadlines. (03:34)
  • Mike talks about one of his favorite creative breakouts working with paying clients. (07:50)
  • Dan tells us about one of the creative solutions: “Create all projects as part of a growing process.” (10:12)
  • Mike tells us about “Small container, short tail” (14:01)
  • Dan’s theory: “It’s all about your thinking. Most people can’t think about their thinking.” (21:52)

Additional Resources

GIF image of Mike Koenigs and Dan Sullivan taken during the recording of Episode 114

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