The Secret To Auditioning Your Dream Team and Why You Need to Start “Casting, Not Hiring”

May 23, 2024

Episode 176


Today’s podcast is going to completely shift how you think about hiring and building teams.

Dan dropped a major revelation during the conversation – instead of “hiring” people, we should be CASTING them like a theater director casts actors for roles.

Dan and Jeff Madoff are working on a new book called “Casting, Not Hiring” and the core concept is brilliant: Don't just evaluate skills and experience. AUDITION people to find the perfect ensemble with the right chemistry, charisma and compatibility to create MAGIC together.

Imagine judging potential hires not just on their resume, but on how well they perform and gel with your existing cast. No more ill-fitting “employees” – just an energetic group unified to co-create an incredible performance.

Dan and Mike talked about how this casting mindset can infuse work with meaning, excitement and a sense of being part of something bigger than just a job. They explored:

  • Using “box office,” critics, fans and peers to evaluate talent
  • Bringing “backstage” and “onstage” metaphors to your team
  • Creating an environment of collaboration vs. cut-throat competition
  • Making work feel like being part of a theatrical story instead of a corporate grind

There is so much insight in this vision, Mike can't wait for you to experience the “aha!” moments Dan sparked in him.

Give the episode a listen and you'll be dreaming of playwright bios and marquee lights for your company in no time.

Key Takeaways

  • (05:40) Refusal to hire smokers and strong scents.
  • (06:34) People's responses to service varied greatly.
  • (12:43) Personalized casting descriptions, impactful in theater world.
  • (16:12) HR process dehumanizes human beings, stifles creativity.
  • (25:32) Box office critics, fans, peers, cast.
  • (29:27) Casablanca film magic in quick production.
  • (32:16) Changing business conversation with metaphors and teamwork.
  • (34:56) Desire to expand stage play's potential.
  • (38:30) Positive mindset, mental tools, theater, films, conversations.
  • (41:19) Ai tools will transcribe and summarize content.

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