5 Presidential Election Strategies You Can Use in Your Business Today

November 27, 2023

Episode 162


Mike has BIG news about today’s episode of Capability Amplifier.

He sat down with two of the most fascinating and brilliant folks he has come across in a long time — Kurt and Kristen Luidhardt. They are THE masterminds behind getting presidents, governors, senators elected through clever marketing and messaging.

We're talking half a BILLION dollars raised and dozens of high-profile politicians helped into office.

But here's the crazy part — they took all their political marketing mojo and created a system to help NON-political businesses reinvent themselves faster and find “hidden money” just waiting to be snagged.

We're talking about uncovering secret revenue streams, optimizing your messaging to create buzz and engagement, even spinning off new products and services from within your existing business.

Their system is pure gold and they break it all down in this episode. The stories of sleeping in their car while selling fireworks, expanding to a massive tent operation in Philadelphia (nearly getting arrested!), and exploding onto the political scene are epic.

You've got to hear Kurt's hilarious story of splitting his pants wide open right in front of President Bush! It's cringe-worthy and hilarious.

And their passion for helping American small businesses reinvent themselves comes through loud and clear. Mike was pumped up and ready to take on the world by the end!

So plug in your headphones, get comfy, and enjoy this brand new episode. And don’t forget to visit www.ReinventFaster.com to get all their free tools, masterclasses, and special bonuses they put together exclusively for this community.

Key Takeaways

  • (03:23) Privileged visit to the Bush family in Maine.
  • (08:50) Fireworks hookup helped fund Kurt + Kristen’s wedding, $9,000 profit.
  • (09:42) Parents helped sell fireworks, funded the wedding.
  • (15:50) Successful client turned unexpected entrepreneurial venture
  • (16:27) Fireworks, media, connections, politics, and quick wins.
  • (20:46) Extraordinary 2016 fundraising led to unique innovation.
  • (22:59) “News cycle demands fast thinking, responding, and marketing.”
  • (26:30) Unique challenge: Trump's reinvention boosts donations.
  • (29:48) Politics and businesses must focus on what matters.
  • (33:47) Ai tool analyzes business for strategic advantages.
  • (37:07) Execution, innovation, and opportunities create business success.

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