How to Achieve Infinite Time & Money Freedom

July 29, 2022

Episode 113


What does infinite freedom mean to you?

For a lot of founders, it means selling their business and investing in passive income opportunities to achieve unlimited financial and time freedom.

Mike knows that’s what motivates himbecause why own a business if it doesn’t allow you freedom?

Mike's special guest today is The Cash Flow King himself, Eric Francom.

He has a proven method for medical professionals to successfully boost profits, sell a practice, and make smart investments that work while you’re living the life you want.

Coincidentally, his name “Francom” literally means “Free Man,” and helping others find the freedom he has is exactly what he does.

Eric boosted his practice’s profits by finding new income streams, then selling his dental practice at its peak. This, combined with his unique investment strategy, helped him quadruple his NET worth in two years and it continues to grow today.

In the same period of time, the investments he made also generated enough passive income to pay all of his bills and more. Now, he has the time to spend with his wife and children and the resources to do the things he loves.

Before he made these strategic moves, his finances were strained, his relationships were tested, and his health was deteriorating.

“I graduated dental school with a lot of student debt and took on even more business debt to open my practice. It was oppressive. I was so stressed, I threw up every morning.”

Eric’s Infinite Freedom Formulas helped him turn it all around and live the lifestyle of his dreams.

Learn all about the Infinite Freedom Formula by watching or listening to the podcast.

Key Takeaways

  • Eric tells his story and how he got into this business (02:58)
  • Eric’s direct deposits; PROOF that what he’s doing works! (10:16)
  • Infinite Freedom Formula #1: Short term, high return investments (12:42)
  • Infinite Freedom Formula #2: Invest in secure, short term cryptocurrency (15:16)
  • Infinite Freedom Formula #3: Invest or consult + get equity in growing companies (18:11)
  • Infinite Freedom Formula #4: Invest your tax dollars (22:25)

Additional Resources

GIF image of Mike Koenigs and Eric Francom taken during the recording of Episode 113

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