Capitalism – And Everything Else

March 15, 2023

Episode 139


Dan Sullivan’s NEW Book

Mike is really excited to tell you about Dan Sullivan’s latest book. Dan just finished wrapping it up a few weeks ago, so it hasn’t been released yet…

It's all about Capitalism (and Everything Else) and Mike's gotta say, it has some real eye-opening stuff inside.

Dan breaks down the “five measurements of capitalism” and these aren't your run-of-the-mill ideas. They’re ideas that will change the way you think about capitalism. It blew Mike away how nuanced and unique Dan's perspective on the subject is, and Mike thinks you will be as well.

Dan discusses some of the key takeaways from the book, including how capitalism rewards unique individualism. He’ll also explain how capitalism is a methodology, not an ideology, and how it's all about the way you get things done.

One of the things that really struck Mike during their conversation is how important he thinks it is for kids to read this book. Using the five measurements of capitalism as a methodology for success can start as early as age seven or eight, according to Dan.

This episode is really going to blow your mind. Listen today to hear all about Dan's unique perspective on capitalism. You will not regret it!

Key Takeaways

  • (10:40) Dan’s new book; what it’s about and why he wrote it
  • (19:21) A game changer; Uncle Eric Books
  • (28:53) The 5 Measurements of Capitalism
  • (35:40) Why this could be an incredible introduction for young people
  • (44:00) This could be a mainstream book

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