Our Top 5 Ai, Education and Political Predictions for 2024

February 7, 2024

Episode 166


Do NOT Miss This Episode!

THIS is the episode you’ve been waiting for… It’s Mike and Dan's annual predictions episode and boy, do they have some juicy ones for 2024!

Dan and Mike went deep on everything from Ai taking over industries to the downfall of traditional higher education. They covered the political earthquake that's coming, real-time fact-checking during debates, and how augmented reality is going to transform the workforce.

But what really blew Mike's mind was Dan's insight on aspirations vs. technology, the next inspirational movement that will shift global consciousness and tales of unlikely heroes like the IVF doctor turned TikTok megastar.

This episode is visceral, and profound, and Mike guarantees it will stretch your brain. He and Dan went to places he never could have predicted when they started recording.

So drop what you're doing and press play now. Can't wait to hear your takeaways on this one!

Key Takeaways

  • (00:00) Regulation, language, and innovation in Ai.
  • (07:23) Remarkable technology, impacting existing technologies and organizations.
  • (14:39) Higher education growth rate may be over.
  • (19:04) AR glasses aid in learning physical skills.
  • (22:26) Prediction of fundamental shift in American government.
  • (32:14) Ai augments historical facts, truth, and data.
  • (35:11) Ai marketing bot creates customized reports for you.
  • (41:09) MRI connects to the brain, interprets images.
  • (48:20) Ambition unchanged by new data, collaborative survey.
  • (53:08) Immersion in technology shapes perspectives and understanding.
  • (58:44) Moore's law, inspiration stories, and Taylor Swift.
  • (01:02:49) Successful businesswoman with genuine care and respect.
  • (01:09:49) Stephen is the perfect fit for TikTok.
  • (01:12:30) Surprising yet relevant discussion on predictions.

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