The Top 5 Fractional Ai Tools to 10X Your Profits

March 27, 2024

Episode 171


You know how Mike is obsessed with finding new ways to make more money and save time using Ai, right?

Well, grab a notepad because you're going to want to hear every second of today’s episode.

Mike grabbed his good friend, Brad Costanzo, and they recorded what can only be described as an Ai money-making master class while sipping on some seriously yummy margaritas. (No limes were harmed in the making of this podcast. 🤣)

During their conversation, Brad and Mike uncovered multiple ways YOU can start using Ai to:

  • Save hours of tedious work every single week (and get your time back)
  • Boost your profits by 3X, 5X, even 10X almost immediately
  • Create entire marketing campaigns and sales funnels in minutes
  • Build a “digital clone” of yourself to automate customer support
  • Rapidly prototype and validate new product ideas before spending a dime

…and so much more. They broke down step-by-step strategies for injecting Ai into every core area of your business.

Imagine what an extra day or two per week could do for your revenue, personal life, or next big project. That's what embracing Ai can give you.

This isn't just theories, either. They dropped real-world examples of founders saving $75K+, making $960K in two weeks, and identifying million-dollar opportunities, all by leveraging Ai in smart ways.

Seriously, if you snooze on Ai any longer, you'll be leaving boat loads of money and opportunity on the table for your competitors to snatch up.

Don't be that person. Listen to this podcast now, before they do.

Grab a cocktail, hit play, and let Mike know what you think! He can’t wait to hear your biggest takeaways.

Key Takeaways

  • (00:00) Engaging the audience with Ai to offer diverse benefits like saving time, money, and unlocking creative potential.
  • (10:17) Find where your business is stuck, boost productivity and quality.
  • (12:39) Utilizing Ai to streamline marketing and business strategies.
  • (18:11) Leverage upselling and cross-selling to increase sales. Jumpstart your creative process with ready-made content for marketing.
  • (22:21) Make use of GPT to generate client examples.
  • (36:03) Businesses are looking for a way to automate content creation and customer interaction, wanting a system that captures their brand voice and knowledge base.
  • (40:17) Try out at DigitalCafe.Ai and see how we've used the data inside.
  • (45:31) Dashboard, market analysis, pricing, and Ai for development to create products and monetize.
  • (51:41) Ai can now help with tasks like coming up with blog ideas, doing research, writing, finding images, and publishing on WordPress.
  • (59:29) Evaluate your tasks, look for more efficient methods, and don't shy away from seeking assistance when necessary.
  • (01:02:04) Get set for a 90-day Ai transformation with guaranteed results.

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