Dan Sullivan’s Biggest Mistakes

August 13, 2022

Episode 115


Today’s episode comes at the request of Mike and Dan’s friend and colleague, Darren Hardy.

Darren is a great entrepreneurial pioneer and every now and again Mike has the good fortune of going out for long walks with him. (He wrote the books, “The Compound Effect” and “The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster,” and for years, he was the editor-in-chief and publisher of SUCCESS Magazine.)

Darren has interviewed some of the wisest and most fascinating people in the world who are also some of the most successful.

So Mike said to Darren on their walk, “do you have any cool questions that I should ask Dan?

Man, did he come up with some doozies!

You’ll not only learn how Dan thinks but you’ll walk away with some incredibly valuable information including how Dan dealt with the biggest challenges he faced in his business over the last two years.

Pay attention to the KINDS of questions Mike asks Dan. It’s one of the great learning lessons today.

We think you're going to be able to see yourself, your organization and your own personal growth in here, through the lens of another person. (That’s another big takeaway.)

Key Takeaways

  • Dan’s biggest mistake in the last two years. (03:04)
  • The key lessons that Dan will take away from the past two years that he’ll carry on for the rest of his business life (07:36)
  • The greatest lessons Dan learned that spurred the profitable growth of his company (20:57)
  • One thing Dan’s done as a leader to move from good to great (29:53)
  • Dan’s greatest failures as a leader and the lesson learned (30:19)
  • A challenge Dan had this year that he didn’t see coming and how he resolved it (30:47)

Additional Resources

Giph of Dan and Mike recording

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