5 Secrets to Getting Elected by Your Best Customers

December 19, 2023

Episode 164


This week on the Podcast, Dan and Mike dove into the wild world of politics and what it can teach entrepreneurs about getting loyal “voters” – aka customers!

You're not going to believe some of Dan's insights. Like why he says politics is pure entrepreneurship… the slim margins that tip elections and how those apply to sales… and the major difference between how liberals and conservatives see the world.

And you'll hear the fascinating story of Mike's friends, Kurt and Kristen who worked on multiple presidential campaigns and raised over $500 million… and how they're channeling that political sorcery into a new business helping entrepreneurs grow!

Now before you tune out because you “hate politics” – hear them out. What they realized is that political campaigns operate VERY similarly to a business startup.

They have to capture attention, mobilize action, and drive “transactions” (in their case – votes and donations) with very limited resources in a short timeframe. Many of the strategies and tactics can be applied to grow YOUR business.

A few highlights from the episode include:

  • Why Dan believes political campaigns are purely entrepreneurial
  • How the Trump campaign leveraged technology and metrics in ways other candidates didn’t
  • The key mindset shifts Dan noted after advising a team that has helped elect a President, 14 Senators, 15 Governors and 88 Congressional members
  • How political psychographics can help you understand and activate your perfect customers
  • Why there is MORE money available in politics than business (and how to access it for your company)
  • And more surprises!

Beyond the practical lessons, it gave Mike a whole new appreciation for the political process itself. Love it or hate it, the “game” of politics taps into raw human psychology and emotion.

So tune into this meaty episode if you want a crash course on political psychology from one of the best strategic minds on the planet!

Key Takeaways

  • (03:46) Husband and wife team's successful political business.
  • (06:55) Elections, ballots, and campaigns simplify political decisions.
  • (10:40) States compete for businesses with tax deals.
  • (17:09) Twitter conversations measured, issues tailored to excitement. Tech usage, unforgivable, humiliating, explosive impact.
  • (19:11) First to use SMS/MMS for political campaigns.
  • (23:35) Creative strategies mobilize behavior and sway elections.
  • (25:38) Primary commentators on politics overlook emotional determinants.
  • (29:49) Understanding depth and strategy in marketing evolution.
  • (33:14) Unique business story, action takers, free money.
  • (37:20) Prototype AI tool finds money, hooks audience.
  • (40:44) Conservatives rely on various powers, not politics.
  • (45:20) Almost 60 years of political involvement and interest.
  • (48:01) Tribalism's power and entrepreneurialism's international language.
  • (49:43) Prosperity leads to peace in history.

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