How to Be Relatable and Build Trust

February 11, 2022

Episode 99


Money loves speed and time kills deals.

The more likable you and your brand is…
…the faster you connect, built rapport, earn trust…
…the faster the deals close.

The fastest way to build a strong connection is through shared experiences and storytelling.

A KEY ingredient of your storytelling is AUTHENTICITY.

Being your genuine self and sharing your life experiences (good or bad) will attract your right-fit audience, full of people who are much more likely to want to work with you ASAP.

Mike came up with something he calls the Relatability Grid.

It’s a guide that helps you create relatable, mini-stories that are true and authentic, and results in getting people to trust and believe in you immediately.

Listen to and Watch this episode to learn How to Be Relatable and Build Trust.

Anytime Mike's doing one of his “Vision Day Workshops” with a client to build a platform, one of the first things he does is find the best way to “stack” their stories (so they’re relatable and you feel a connection with them.)

This is where The Relatability Grid comes in. They begin writing out their stories that could include things like:

  • Near-death experiences
  • Menopause / Andropause (mid-life crisis)
  • Divorce / Palimony
  • An Empty nest
  • Losing everything / Discovered a secret, shortcut, or Superpower
  • What’s your big hook that answers “Why should I know you?”
  • Being “Unemployable” / No college education
  • Feeling like an “alien” amongst people
  • First business cost first marriage
  • 2nd and 3rd business almost cost my life, 2nd marriage and relationship with only child
  • Lost your purpose / outgrew “Who I was, What I did, Who I did it for, Why I did it”
  • How Do I get my MESSAGE out to the world? How do I go BIG? How do I become KNOWN?

By echoing what’s going inside your ideal customer’s heads, we craft the perfect HERO’S JOURNEY which is key to building trust and relatability.

The journey is ever changing. We never stop learning and growing.
So Mike updates his “relatability grid” monthly.

Just the other day Mike met with his energy worker, Kim White, to do some clearing in his own life. They discovered some old shame and reactivity that he had around money and a perception of where he thinks he need to be versus where he is.

It's an old loop that goes way back to when he was $250,000 in debt and living off a Superamerica gas card.

He felt like a failure.

That part of his life traumatized a dark part of him but now he has the tools to recognize these things as “clowns in a cage.”

They may pop up now and again but they don’t own him anymore. He knocks them out just like the old Bozo the Clown punching bag. (Mike actually started buying the old toys and sending them to his clients as a tool to recognize the “clowns” in their lives. True story!)

BONUS: This is also a GREAT relatability story that Mike can share to create a deep connection and trust with someone else who’s had the same challenges, preventing them from earning more or solving a particular problem.

Your marketing needs to stem from your most authentic self rather than pretending to be someone you’re not. We can guarantee that if you try to emulate someone else that you perceive to be successful… you’ll fail miserably.

Listen to and Watch this whole episode or you’ll miss the incredible story Dan shares about his dinner with the infamous Alice Cooper, including how he survived addiction, his wife’s ultimatum and why he’s over 70 and still rockin.’

Listen to and Watch the entire episode.

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