How ChatGPT3, AI Changed The World Overnight

December 23, 2022

Episode 128


10X Your Productivity

Have you heard about the brand new Ai, ChatGPT3? Because Mike is officially OBSESSED!

In today’s episode, Dan and Mike are talking about the new, revolutionary AI tool, ChatGPT3, and its potential impact on content creation and communication.

In fact, Mike created an entire brand and website in one day using ChatGPT3 and doubled the amount of useful information. It literally has the potential to save 75-80% of your time if you create ANY kind of written content in your business.

Dan and Mike also delve into the potential implications of such a powerful tool, including its impact on social media, the importance of considering its limitations, and they offer some best advice for those interested in using it.

Full disclosure… The first draft of this email was written by ChatGPT3. Mike admits, it’s not perfect and it takes a few tries to figure out the right language to use when asking for what you want, but… he'll be damned if it’s not NEAR PERFECT.

This tool has already drastically changed how he runs his business, and has saved Mike and his entire team HOURS of work.

Don't miss out on this exciting episode! Watch or listen to the full podcast to learn more about how ChatGPT3 can help you maximize your potential and streamline your work.

Key Takeaways

  • (01:40) An entire brand’s copy in half a day's work!
  • (04:41) ChatGPT gained 1 million users in one week
  • (06:53) Will this create a new inequality of capability in the world?
  • (11:49) And it writes emails and Amazon book reviews?
  • (17:45) Can AI make everyone an artist?
  • (24:15) ADD x AI is really a multiplier
  • (30:25) The next big thing is adding AI to our data with cyborg enhancements
  • (43:00) Mike’s predictions for what ChatGPT can do

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