How To Get A Trillionaire Mindset

January 16, 2024

Episode 165


…and THINK in Ai

This week's podcast is going to blow your mind and have you seeing tons of dollar signs.

Why? Because Mike is pulling back the curtain on how he helps regular business owners become millionaires, billionaires, and soon…trillionaires with Ai.

That's right, he's breaking down his proven formula for using artificial intelligence to 10x your revenue, automate your business, and set yourself up for an epic exit. This is next-level stuff.

You'll hear Mike reveal:

  • His secrets for cloning yourself and your top salespeople with Ai bots. Now you can be in multiple places at once closing deals!
  • How he creates custom McKinsey-quality marketing materials in minutes that sell for you 24/7. This alone can double your sales!
  • The power of hyper-personalized follow up at scale. Imagine if every lead got a personalized video from you in 10 mins or less.
  • Turning your IP into a SaaS business that sells itself. Mike will show you how they did this for a car salesman making $120 million a year!

This episode is short and sweet and overflowing with immediately actionable tactics to accelerate your success using Ai. You can NOT afford to miss this one.

Be prepared for your mind to be blown as Mike reveals his secrets on how he's helping create the world's first trillionaires with Ai. Listen now and take your business to the next level!

Key Takeaways

  • (00:00) Commercially-available tools to improve business practices by enabling quick results through playbooks based on best practices.
  • (03:24) Improve revenue by automating processes and cloning.
  • (08:17) Automating tasks to optimize customer interaction and profits by analyzing business and finding areas for automation.
  • (10:24) Experience AI bots for improved revenue and productivity.

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