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Who Not How – The Formula To Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork

Do you have a list a mile long of stuff you NEED to get done but you keep procrastinating? Your business and personal growth may DEPEND on you checking off those important things on the list but still… you can’t seem to get them done. We ALL struggle with procrastination… but why? And how do…
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How To Be Unforgettable and Get the Most Profitable Clients

How do you get access to the unreachable? How do you become unforgettable? That’s the focus of this episode of Capability Amplifier. 15 years ago, Mike Koenigs called a good friend who was buying three people $12,000 Rolex watches and thought he was crazy. “Why?” He asked! Keep reading or start listening… You know that…
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Turning On A Dime – When Your Plane is About to Crash with Ed Rush

Imagine piloting a plane that’s 1000 miles away from land and your engine starts to fail… what do you do? If you’re an entrepreneur, you can relate to this scenario because you're dealing with lots and lots of different “plane crashes” all the time, right?. You need to be agile and change your focus to…
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Here's How You Can Stand Out, Get Attention and be Referable in Six Seconds or Less with Scott McKain

Two words and one 3x5 card that pitched and closed one of the most recognizable TV shows from the 1980s in seconds ... what was it?
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30 Years Of Influence And Persuasion Experience In 40 Minutes

Have you ever wondered how to charge $50,000, $250,000, $500,000, or MORE for a professional service or product?
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How to Find the Biggest Opportunities That Produce the Most Money for the Longest Period of Time

Imagine having clients BEGGING to work with you and saying things like, “I've been looking for someone like you forever! How can I work with you right now?
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What’s The Opposite Of Bureaucracy? The Golden Thread—Collaboration And Partnerships That Produce Massive Value

What’s the “Golden Thread” that unites front stage and backstage, or sales and fulfillment of a successful business?
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The “Tingle Moment” When Inspiration Meets Motivation With Simplifiers And Multipliers

On the show this week, Dan Sullivan and I tackle the topic of how to create a perfect Simplifier-Multiplier moment. Funnily enough, Dan and I are really good examples of a Simplifier (Dan) and a Multiplier (me). But these are not personality types; they’re operating modes.
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Powerful Ways To Answer Top Sales Objections, Part 2: Overcoming Overwhelm, Burnout, And More!

Today, we're going to dissect the most common sales challenges you’ll hear AND give you word-for-word scripts, plus a link where you can download the transcripts and adapt them to your business, no matter what your product or service is.
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Five Powerful Ways To Answer Top Sales Objections

What are the biggest sales objections you and your team are getting consistently that block the big sale? How frustrating is it when you realize you’ve lost a potential client because they ghost you?
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