The Great Lockdown & How to Enrich Your Mind through Collaborative Truths

April 25, 2022

Episode 106


We all want to enrich our minds.

But, what happens when someone tells you something that defies your perspective?

Can you learn and still politely disagree, or do you feel uncomfortable or upset? 

Do you take what’s good and discard the rest?

Dan and I have learned that points of view are just that, “points of view,” and that our brains are richer on any topic if we get a lot of different points of view about those topics.

The Great Lockdown is one of Dan’s very strong points of view.

And yes, we talked about the last two years in the podcast.

But Dan approached it in a way that it’s a little bit different from what is perceived around the world. 

He didn’t talk about the virus. According to him, the virus was only an opportunity, so those in political control could restrict the activities and the behavior of a large part of the planet.

So, if you enjoy controversial topics like truck drivers, Trudeau, chaos in the streets, people seizing bank accounts and crypto accounts, and all kinds of shenanigans, you will LOVE the podcast.

In this blog post, I focus on the message behind it: how learning from others, even if you disagree with them, is the only way to actually grow.

Collaborative truths are the wisest

Collaborative truths are what I get from exchanging points of view. 

And those are the WISEST truths.

It's also something interesting, fun, and civil to do. 

Conversating to get different perspectives is one of the best ways to achieve greater wisdom.

Speaking about this, Dan told me,

“I don't expect anyone else to give me a point of view unless I provide them with a point of view.

In a way, points of view are like a currency for me. 

Talking to 20 people gives me 20 different points of view. Each adds to my wisdom and understanding.”

Here are three things you can do to enrich your life from the diversity of perspectives that exist in this world.

Purposefully diversify your reading choices

The subtitle is very explicit. 

If you are into business books, self-improvement, motivation, and similar topics, try to include other topics in your reading schedule.

Reading is one of the best ways to enrich your intellectual essence. 

You can go anywhere, meet anyone, and even go back in time just by reading a book.

Some ideas to try:

  • More fiction
  • Classic works from other cultures
  • Works that discuss topics you know too little about
  • Books about topics that you have avoided exploring in the past

Travel more and visit non-mainstream destinations

I’m sure that you love Hawaii and Paris, but believe me, trying new places, even not-that-famous destinations is like the “mindset reset” button we all have.

New people, new places, new opportunities, and new challenges; anything is possible when you travel and discover new places.

This is an invaluable opportunity to acquire new insights into how our world works and everything around it if you can travel.

This feeling is definitely what my wife and I experienced on our most recent trip to Portugal.

Don’t be afraid to discuss controversial topics

It’s very common for people to avoid discussing finances, religions, politics, and similar topics.

From my perspective, that discomfort it’s just a cultural taboo and probably a lack of emotional skills.

Those topics are ESSENTIAL.

They need to be discussed, and we need to learn more about them, but how are we supposed to enrich our minds and grow in them if we continually avoid discussing them?

I know it may be hard to start but try to engage in these conversations.

You will need to be patient, more respectful than usual, and listen more than you speak, but I promise this will be WORTH it.

Our generation grew up avoiding controversial conversations, and we are paying the price.

We need to be better communicators to fix this world and make it better.

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The Great Lockdown & How to Enrich Your Mind through Collaborative Truths

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