5 Best Crypto Investment Hacks for 2022

April 20, 2022

Episode 105


My friend Brad Costanzo and I will be discussing some of our main crypto secrets. 

Brad Costanzo is an incredibly brilliant trader, marketer, serial entrepreneur, and host of the Bacon Wrapped Business podcast.

Read more about our portfolios and many exciting aspects of the current crypto landscape (what to buy, altcoins, safely storing cryptocurrency, the importance of crypto, taxes, and more).

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself more an investor than a trader or feel like you know too little about crypto; this is a reading you shouldn’t miss. 

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Brad’s crypto portfolio and other trending coins

Brad’s crypto portfolio is in the seven-figures and above range. 

At least 60% to 70% is Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Brad was just going 50-50 with these two coins when it started.

Of that 60% or 70% mentioned above, Ethereum is 60%, and 40% of that is Bitcoin. 

Brad’s strategy consists in having 70% of his portfolio invested in mainstream coins so he “can sleep at night” and the rest in “blue chip” coins such as:

  • LUNA
  • Avalanche
  • Solana
  • Chainlink
  • Cardano
  • Binance
  • Tezos
  • Polkadot
  • Polygon
  • Fantom
  • And others

These last coins are the ones that allow Brad to realize he is not taking mega risks on tiny or volatile coins, but he prefers to reserve 5% to 10% of his portfolio to use it as “play money.”

He can learn, experiment, and get good gains (and losses) without risking his investments.


We should replace traditional banking

There's a lot of competition and movement in this area.

Everyone is trying to solve the problem of how we can effectively replace traditional banking.

We want faster and more trustworthy service.

Companies worldwide are working so there's less inefficiency.

They ask themselves, “how do we effectively replace Visa and MasterCard?”

I tell a story many times of how I had $800,000 stolen from me by my merchant provider because they “didn't trust the industry we're in,” which was information marketing and selling online.

They said, “Yep, you're high risk.” 

I asked them, “When am I going to get my money back?”

They replied, “Whenever we decide to. Do you remember the 20-page contract with the 6-point-sized font that you signed? It gives us the right to do as we please.” 

That's the beauty of crypto. It is inevitable. More and more people will trust crypto for this and other reasons that we will discuss shortly.


How to buy crypto and Altcoin recommendations

How to buy crypto? I use Coinbase and Coinbase PRO.

I do it simply because it’s easy. Coinbase is app-based. You can download it easily. You can buy your crypto without hefty fees.

If we talk about fees, there are a few better ones, but nothing is more accessible than Coinbase.

If you don't have crypto already, I think you should get on Coinbase.

Buy as much Bitcoin and Ethereum as you feel comfortable. 

And my Altcoin suggestions would probably be MATIC and Solana.

Brad loves LUNA.

He says that it has a fascinating ecosystem. 

One of the things it has is tied to another stable coin. 

So LUNA means “moon.” It’s tied to another stable coin called Terra. 

You can think of them as the earth and the moon. 

LUNA is yielding some of the best results in the industry.

Listen to the podcast to learn why.


Exodus Wallet and the weaponization of money

If you're coming to the mastermind, one of the things I would recommend you do is download something called “Exodus Wallet”.

It’s an app that allows you to transfer all of your holdings in your Coinbase account into the wallet. 

But why is this so important? It is important because money is being weaponized.

Many governments have proven that they will freeze your accounts or take your money if they don’t like what you do, who you support, or just because they want to.

The right to transact, I believe, is more fundamental than the first or second amendment.

If they take your capital, freeze your account or do any similar ban or restriction, I think they are weaponizing money. That’s playing with fire!

It's going to burn us if we're not careful, and it's going to burn them. 

Nobody wants to go to money with guns and missiles. So we do it with money.

This is where the beauty of crypto comes in again.

Why do we recommend Exodus Wallet?

Because when you download this, you transfer your currency into a wallet, and when it's in there, that stuff is entirely under your control. 

If you keep your crypto in Coinbase or any one of the exchanges, any government could destroy your ability to have your currency and store it. But if you take it offline into Exodus Wallet, you are transferring all of your coins into a kind of like your “own private bank.”

The difference is that this is not a bank or storing it under a mattress either.

You set it up, transfer your coins, and it's pretty easy to do. Then there's a secret key, called your password. You press a button, and you hold it down, and you'll give it to you.

The great thing is that, let's say, you lost your phone or your computer. You can simply download the app, install your recovery phrase and all of your coins still belong to you. Voilá!

That is one of the reasons why understanding crypto as a lifeboat has never been more necessary.


Crypto is a new form of trust

A lot of people think that crypto is risky or “dodgy.” 

The more considerable risk is not having any money in a parallel system.

Going crypto is an asymmetric bet because it is expanding like crazy. 

It is a defensive lifeboat. It is an offensive game-changer. 

The risk of not participating or not learning about it is dramatically significant!

Ultimately, what is crypto? It's a new form of trust.

There are many, many people using crypto to transact with one another. 

And there are still many people arguing this is mainly used for illegal activities.

There have been estimates of the amount of illegal activity happening with crypto versus US dollars, which is insignificant. 

It's like 1/100 of what goes on in the world. 

So anyone who argues that crypto for criminals should do their research first.

Our invitation is that you get started now, while it’s still early, in some way.

From the opportunity side of things and the security standpoint, it’s one of the best things you can do.


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