How To Ensure You’re Only Getting Into Good Relationships

Feb 19, 2019

Episode 7


Too often, we meet people and think it would be beneficial to have some kind of relationship with them, but then we learn down the line that it was a bad idea. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mike Koenigs share questions to ask to make sure that someone you meet is a good person to get involved with.

Technology for relationships: Good technology enhances your ability to have great relationships.

Four criteria: There are four criteria you can use as filters for relationships: 1. Do you like the person? 2. Do you trust the person? 3. Do you admire what they've created? 4. Do you respect the way they’ve gone about growing what they’ve created?

More expensive: The expense it costs to get out of a bad relationship outweighs any benefit you might get at the front end.

Passion questions: You can learn a lot about someone if you get them to talk about what they're really passionate about.

No trust: If someone declines to answer a question about their future goals, it might mean they want to get information from you but they don't trust you.

Good attitude: A person who has an attitude of, “I’m buying future experiences, and I'm very careful about who I get involved with” tends to do well.

Positive or negative: If someone can’t accept positive feedback, they might not be able to accept negative feedback either.

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