The “Tingle Moment” When Inspiration Meets Motivation With Simplifiers And Multipliers

Jul 30, 2020

Episode 63


Have you ever had a “tingle moment”?

You know … the moment of alignment when inspiration between two different minds meet?

It sort of feels like God is sprinkling fairy dust on your brain, and you know what you just heard is exactly what you need to do and it's going to produce massive results in your life.

What if you could create that moment whenever you wanted?

On the show this week, Dan Sullivan and I tackle the topic of how to create a perfect Simplifier-Multiplier moment. Funnily enough, Dan and I are really good examples of a Simplifier (Dan) and a Multiplier (me). But these are not personality types; they’re operating modes.

If you're a Simplifier, you don't have to work at simplifying. You have to work at being Multiplier-friendly.

Dan and I have been immersed in the entrepreneurial world for decades. Sometimes, entrepreneurs can be described as weird or outsiders, but when you get to know them, you notice that they just operate differently.

Over the years, we've witnessed two completely different operating modes for entrepreneurs.

One of them is a Simplifier. The Simplifier wants to take complexity and make it simple. This is an inward movement. The Simplifier goes inward and takes something that has a lot of different working parts and reduces it to the bare minimum number of steps that would enable people to do something much more easily.

The Multiplier, on the other hand, takes a simple thing and gets it out into the world, which is an outward movement. I am a 100% MULTIPLIER. If you track my 30+ year career, everything I’ve done is about getting attention, building audiences and platforms, and monetizing them.

What’s important is for Simplifiers and Multipliers to learn how to communicate with each other in a collaborative way. That's one of the key things when you talk about the Free Zone Frontier: the perfect Free Zone Frontier partners are a Simplifier and a Multiplier who both have businesses and come together to create a competition-free zone.

Something that has become very, very clear to Dan and me after years of being entrepreneurs and training other entrepreneurs is that if you're a Simplifier, you don't need lessons on how to simplify things because you do it naturally.

You don't really have to motivate yourself to be what you are. What you have to motivate yourself to do is to be friendly to the other side. In other words, if I'm a Simplifier, then my main job is to be really friendly to a Multiplier.

Are you familiar with “The Four M’s” (Market, Model, Message, and Medium)? When you understand how to implement the framework of “The Four M’s,” any problem can be solved. Always rely on a framework to simplify the complex anytime you feel overwhelmed or confused.

Dan is a Simplifier. What he brings to the table is that he can look at an activity that produces value and break it down into the simplest number of steps and put context around it. He’s been helping entrepreneurs simplify their way of being successful for almost 50 years now.

When you put the two of us together, add systems, and show people how to do what we do … the possibilities for success in both business and life are endless!

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