Powerful Ways To Answer Top Sales Objections, Part 2: Overcoming Overwhelm, Burnout, And More!

July 20, 2020

Episode 62


“There’s way too much on my plate…” “I’ve got WAY too much stuff going on…” “My wife’s already all over me…” “I already travel too much…” “I can’t spend time away from my family…” “My business won’t function without me!”

These are the most common sales objections you’ll get once you get past price.

Today, we’re going to dissect the most common sales challenges you’ll hear AND give you word-for-word scripts, plus a link where you can download the transcripts and adapt them to your business, no matter what your product or service is.

You’re also going to learn a big idea called “The Mary Kay Close.” It’s how you can get ANYone to want more of you!

A few other BIG sales objections we’ll cover on this episode:

  • “I’m uncertain about the economy in the near future.”
  • “I’m not sure I can commit to this.”
  • Before, during, and after framing.
  • What to say when people ask for a payment plan.
  • How to differentiate your service offerings from other masterminds.

Another tool of great importance in building a super successful business is gathering client testimonials and transformation stories.

When Marissa and I work with our one-on-one clients doing “Vision Days” for SuperPower Accelerator, one of the things we want from every single person we work with is for them to be able to share a transformational journey.

In other words:

  1. Tell me a story about the best client you’ve ever had.
  2. What was the before, during, and after story?
  3. What was life like before your product and service?
  4. What was the experience like of going through the process or consuming the product?
  5. What is life like now?

One of the ways we gather testimonials is by interviewing past clients and trusted advisors and asking them these questions. Another great method is to ask them to make a short video using their phone.

We teach them how to do this by giving them a little video describing how to get the best quality and overcome their fear of being on camera (even though it’s only their phone) to tell their story and then submit it back to us.

That can be the most effective way to overcome an objection—by sharing someone’s real and authentic transformational story, or just being able to tell their personal journey.

What’s important is that you reflect a client’s experience back to a prospect in their own language. When you’re projecting your own perspective, your own language patterns, your own vocabulary on someone, it feels inauthentic and unnatural. That’s one of the core ways that salespeople lose their clients right away. They’re not speaking from an empathic point of view.

Demonstrating empathy and compassion is one of the key secrets to getting people to raise their hand and have that moment of, “Wow, it feels like you’re speaking directly to me! You know me. I really appreciate that.”

To hear our best responses to any and ALL sales objections, plus the rest of our really BIG ideas including the “Mary Kay Close,” watch the video on YouTube or download and listen to the audio right now.

After you listen to the interview, leave me a message and let me know what you think of this episode OR ask a question you’d like Dan or me to answer in an upcoming episode!

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