Five Powerful Ways To Answer Top Sales Objections

July 10, 2020

Episode 61


“That costs too much money…” “It’s WAY too expensive…” “I don’t have the cash right now…” “What’s the return on investment?” What about, “I’m not going to pay $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000, for a virtual program! I expect an in-person experience.”

What are the biggest sales objections you and your team are getting consistently that block the big sale? How frustrating is it when you realize you’ve lost a potential client because they ghost you?

I’ll tell you why you keep getting these same objections. It’s because you’re not asking enough questions. And that’s what this episode is all about: gathering the right data so that you can present the right information and never feel like you’re in that pushy/salesy/yucky mode. Instead, your potential clients will be pulled into you, experiencing the moment where they say, “Wow, I already know I want to work with you—how do we start? I’ve been looking for someone just like you for a long time!”

Today, I’d also like to introduce you to someone super special! Her name is Marissa Brassfield and you may know her because she worked with Peter Diamandis for years, helping build the Abundance 360 Community and the “Strike Force Team” that supported it.

A while back, she left that organization and decided to evolve, grow, and build her own career, and we decided to start working together. Together, we created the Superpower Accelerator, which is a boutique experience where we help people build their brands and platforms.

The biggest challenge most businesses have is that their messaging is off.

It’s why prospects don’t connect and convert.

Consistently having a great sales message that gets someone to enroll and pre-qualifies them, and being able to repeat that same messaging over and over again, is super important. Knowing that your sales team actually says the same things, tells the same stories, and is prepared with responses to all of the biggest objections to working with you would be invaluable, right?

On this podcast, we share the deep psychology that has been proven to work. It’s the same exact system I’m building inside Strategic Coach with Dan Sullivan and his team—part of what Dan calls the Free Zone Frontier Program.

If you’re ever in a situation where you need to have a sales conversation, whether it’s live or virtual, the first thing you need to ask is “The Dan Sullivan Question”:

“If you and I were meeting three years from today, what needs to have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to feel satisfied with your progress?”

This will enable you to get inside the head and psyche of the person, learn A LOT about them and their values, and truly understand where they are in their lives.

If you’re talking to someone who is already financially successful and secure, they’re going to have VERY different answers from someone who is a first-time entrepreneur, perhaps fresh out of college, in debt or dealing with discovering themselves and their identity.

When you’re armed with this information, it enables you to direct the sales conversation and perfectly personalize your offer to them.

Next is the D.O.S.® question (Dangers, Opportunities, and Strengths).

Ask your prospect:
1 – What are the dangers that you and your business are facing right now?
2 – What opportunities are in front of you that you cannot take advantage of because you don’t have the right team, resources, capital, or capabilities?
3 – What strengths do you have that could differentiate you and your business?

When you have answers to those questions, continuing the sales conversation becomes much, much easier. Enjoy the show!

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