Understanding Capableism—The System Of Capability

Feb 4, 2019

Episode 6


There’s an element in humanity that might be even more important than systems such as capitalism, socialism, and marketplace organization. In this episode, Mike Koenigs and Dan Sullivan talk about Capableism, the natural desire in all humans to grow their capabilities.

Natural desire: Every individual, regardless of where they are, is born with a natural desire to expand their capabilities in any way they can.

Capability systems: Systems like capitalism, socialism, science, and technology are ways of channeling many individual capabilities in order to produce much bigger results that can serve everybody.

Unhappiness prevention: When people attempt to prevent or control the combining of capabilities, a great deal of unhappiness results.

Must cooperate: Because each individual engages in teamwork for their own purposes, they have to cooperate with other people to get what they want.

Teamwork places: People like to be in places with massive, spontaneous teamwork.

Jumps in teamwork: The biggest jumps that entrepreneurs take in their careers are when they're in teamwork with other people and produce a bigger result than they could achieve by themselves.

Bigger world: We love people who give us a bigger framework in which to demonstrate our skills.

Investment for growth: We invest in other people, and the return we’re looking for is mutual growth.

Willing to ask: Being a capable person includes being willing to ask for help and knowing that doesn’t mean you’re not capable.

Spills over: What you learn from one relationship automatically spills over to all of your relationships.

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